31+ Update Residential Contemporary Architecture Inspirations

31+ Update Residential Contemporary Architecture Inspirations – As a city person, you will get familiar with the high building in every corner. Many of them are residential apartments. As a form of the living space, the apartment meets the concept of modernity with its contemporary architecture buildings. The modern apartments are commonly found in the capital city in the downtown area like New York, London, Paris, Seoul, etc.

The residential tower architecture that people try to campaign lately is the one with the vertical garden. Yes, there are some movements from the architecture designer that want the apartment building to be completed with greeneries on its body. So, it can be found in this kind of building there is a planting area in the balcony.

What do you think about this? Although the residential complex is commonly also completed with the landscape, the heat that is absorbed by the building also needs a solution. That’s why the vertical garden or planting area in each home apartment can be a solution. The greeneries that planted on the body of the building is even more capable to absorb the heat. It is effective to reduce the inside temperature during the summer. However, this kind of design is found in still minimum amounts, although it is very advantageous.

Although the residential tower architecture commonly has a casual straight design, the development of the design makes the architecture designers are able to build the residential architecture plan with the curved linings. For the city which the population is prosperous moreover, the apartment tower is even more outstanding. They have not only unusual design but also grand and elegant.

Like we know that an apartment complex doesn’t only provide the housing. It also provides the population of the areas for pleasure. That’s why if you are living in an apartment complex, you can get out in the middle of the night to inhale some fresh air in the garden. In the morning, the apartment landscape is also a nice place for working out.

The residential landscape architecture is designed to meet the need of natural balance as well as to provide the public space. The residential landscape as the public space gives you an eye-pleasing view. You don’t have to go too far to relax your mind. The apartment landscape can give you an area for just sitting and feel the wind blows. If you have children, you can build an intimate relationship by bringing them there.

Besides just sitting and playing with kids like that, you can do more things like a picnic or hunting some photographs. It may sound weird, but, having the public landscape is energy saving better. Just compare if you have your own landscape, you have to treat them periodically. Yet, the apartment landscape doesn’t demand the treatment from you.

So, if you are an urban person, you can consider to live in a residential apartment. Despite the modern house that you will get, living in an apartment is a solution of those who want to enjoy the landscape even if you don’t own it privately.

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