22+ Tiny Bathroom Ideas for Tiny Spaces

22+ Tiny Bathroom Ideas for Tiny Spaces – It’s easy to find the decorating ideas for the home. But, to find the one that is suitable for your home space needs more patient. Decorating the home is a challenging process. We need to negotiate with the space availability and the weather condition. One room that is highly essential and needs extra concern is the bathroom. Let’s us reveal the clever tiny bathroom ideas.

The first tiny bathroom idea is, employing the shower instead of a bathtub. The tiny bathroom usually gets only a bit advantage in terms of length. But, if you drive to use the bathtub, the bathroom will be too stuffy. You will get less moving area. Hence, the shower with a glass partition is the most common and the most appropriate design for a tiny bathroom.

But how if you already have the bathtub and want to remodel the tiny bathroom? Don’t worry, you don’t need to dismantle the bathtub if you really need it. You can just change the sink or cabinet with the simpler one. The floating sink looks simpler and you can place a closed cabinet under it. Yet, we also recommend placing the stuff outside the bathroom to create a wider area.

And what about the decoration? We have an idea that is quite uncommon yet very suitable for the bathroom concept. That is the country bathroom design. The country concept is very natural, suits for the bathroom that relates to water. The country bathroom correspondences with wooden material and plants. We recommend the live plants very much because it gives a refreshing atmosphere inside the tiny bathroom.

The important thing for any bathroom is the shelf. How good shelves decoration are? It depends on your need also. If the bathroom is going to be used for single or two persons, two vertical parallels shelves. But if the bathroom is benefitted for a family of four or more, a closed-door cabinet is better. But we also encourage you to have the shelves that are integrated to the wall. They save more area.

About the shelves placement, there are three areas that might be perfect options. The first is above the closet, the second one is under the sink, and the third is in the angle between two walls. The angle between the two walls is rare to use. This area is nice for the shelves. You can place more than three or four there. The materials on the shelves will depend on the bathroom interior. The glass material or not too thick wood are good. They look slim for a tiny bathroom.

We can sum that for the tiny bathroom, there are several things to highlight. The first is the use of shower over bathtub. The second one is the shelf. The simple shelf or closed cabinet is better. You can place them under the sink, above the closet, or integrated shelf to the wall is even better. The last, it’s important to paint the interior with simple colors. White is nice to create a wider illusion.

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