22+ Tiles Ideas for Tiny Bathroom

22+ Tiles Ideas for Tiny Bathroom – The interior of a bathroom determines how we clean that. Since the bathroom is the wet area, we need to choose the interior material that is easy to clean. The white wall painting looks so nice for the bathroom, but it gets dull faster. You need to repaint it every time it gets worse.

The darker shade interior is easier to clean, but the look will not be as interesting as the brighter one. It’s up to you whether you will decorate with the bright or dark interior design. Before we talking about the tiles or painting, maybe we can talk about the bathtub or shower first.

For the tiny bathroom, of course, you won’t get a huge bathtub, but it’s perfectly okay. The more important thing is how you design it. It’s up to you whether it’s covered with a curtain or not. And for the shape of the bathtub, the square one is good for modern or casual bathroom interior. While the one like the bowl is nice for vintage or Scandinavian interior.

You should try the small bathroom with a walk-in shower. The walk-in the shower means that there is no or just half partition in the shower. For a small bathroom, the walk-in shower is a clever strategy of making the area looks wider. People commonly use the half glass partition for a walk-in shower. But, the one with no partition or curtain also looks distinctive.

If you feel that an ordinary shower still spends many areas, you should try the corner shower for a small bathroom. The corner shower has the shape that is distinctive. The corner shower focuses on the vertical aspect for the shower. Which means it only gives you the area literally only for showering. The corner shower commonly has the glass door or curtain as the partitions.

Then, let’s talk about the tiles. In the shower or bathtub area, it is very essential to use the tiles instead of just wall painted. The wall tiles will make you easier to clean them. The aspect of floor tile also needs concerns. Choose a design that is not slippery for a long time.

Especially for the bathroom shower tiles, you need to choose the safe material. It is because anyone will stand on it. So, the surface should be contoured enough but not too gross. It’s up to you whether you prefer the bright or dark bathroom floor tiles. As long as they are easy to clean, it’s okay.

The small bathroom storage should be concerned also. Are you going to use things like a shelf or vanity or box? Adjust with the area of your bathroom. Don’t use the furniture that will make your small bathroom looks loaded. And don’t forget to choose the storage material that will stay for a long time, since the bathroom is a very humid area.

We hope that some small bathroom ideas above can bring you advantages. Actually, a tiny bathroom is okay as long as it can fill your need and you can decorate it beautifully.

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