42+ Awesome Rustic Exterior for the House in Mountain Woods

42+ Awesome Rustic Exterior for the House in Mountain Woods – Living far from downtown can give you a content life. You will able to breathe the fresh air every day. You can feel pleased with the green view everywhere. You will get less stress living in such a place. The same effect will come if you live in the coastal area. If the city person has to spare their time and mobilize several kilometers for feeling the nature, you just need to walk to get there.

We will specify this post with the talk about the house in the woods. The best home décor for this is rustic design. The rustic house design will be appropriate because it sublimes with the area. You don’t have to radically make your house looks rustic, yet you can give some chance for the modern touch. And this modern touch will create a nice modern wood house.

For the rustic exterior, there are several differences between the old rustic and the modern rustic. The difference is really seen through the rustic house exterior colors. The old rustic is closer with the soft tone if it uses the wooden material. Meanwhile, the modern rustic represents the updated look through the color paint which is commonly dark grey.

In terms of the shape, you can notice that modern rustic has the body or wall that generally higher than the old rustic. Moreover, to bring in the natural vibe, the modern rustic loves to use the windows on many sides. The window size is also different from each other. The modern one typically has a bigger window. The iron is also an essential factor which tells a house is modern rustic. You can see that there are many linings of the modern rustic house use the iron, especially for the roof.

The modern rustic looks like a stone and wood house sometimes. It is because the modern rustic employs more combination compared to the old one. Besides of these materials, you may find brick as a part of the composition. It is so nice to see the modern rustic home. With its own way, the modern rustic house looks colorful with earthy colors. Thanks to the material composition.

The part of the house that makes a wood house décor looks like not anything else is the deck. You can see a wood house building in which it doesn’t directly attach to the ground. Meanwhile, there is a wooden deck completes with the split stairs. The kind of exterior decoration like this is very common for the modern rustic house.

Even, some of the modern rustic houses are designed unlike how the common house is. There are so many examples of the modern wood house which is the shape is more like squares arranged into one. So, do you have any interest in making a modern rustic house or villa? That kind of house will make you glad every day. Although the location that is apart from the industrial area, the wood house can give you the happiness of living with nature.

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