23+ Fresh DIY Kitchen Countertops Ideas

23+ Fresh DIY Kitchen Countertops Ideas – Countertops are the last touch for the kitchen decoration. Although it is the last touch, don’t underestimate it. The countertop is also the most pricy touch for the kitchen. But the pricy character is parallel with the duration we need for the countertops. Every one of us surely needs the counterpart that is easy to clean and durable. To lessen the budget, we encourage you to do the DIY countertops for the kitchen.

The first option is the butcher block countertop. This type of countertop is good for you who opt the vintage, country, or farmhouse interior. A butcher block countertop is a nice option if you are planning the on a budget kitchen makeover.

Despite its nice natural appearance, the wood countertop kitchen is more prone to germs, mold, etc. It is very possible if the wood countertop is often exposed to sharp objects like a knife, or anything alike. It also makes you give extra concern with the water exposure. Like we previously said, it can grow mold. If you want to make them more durable and avoid them from the germs or mold, you need to seal them soon after you install them and periodically.

The next option is the DIY concrete countertop. For this one, you can do the whole process of purchasing the materials until the installation. This concrete countertop kitchen is a nice touch for the industrial interior or modern interior. But, the cement countertops are also good in creating a raw nuance, especially for the natural themed interior.

The durability of the DIY concrete countertops is just the same as professional installed concrete countertops. Of course, they are made by the same materials. The concrete countertops surely will generate the stone look which is so naked and raw. This type of countertop will not look good for you who like the polished sleek countertop.

The good thing about the concrete countertop is its durability. But it doesn’t close the chance of cracking. Does it sound horror? Chill, it only happens only after a long time or if something so hard hits its surface. Of course, you are going to avoid such possibilities, aren’t you? Although the possibilities of growing mold and germ on the surface are less than the butcher countertops, this concrete countertop also has one.

The material of this concrete countertop is quite corrosive. So, it is possible for leaving a stain on it. The only way of keeping them good is just the same as the butcher countertop. You need to seal them. But, it’s easier to repair any flaw of the concrete countertop.

Talking about the countertops redo, it has a nice aspect in terms of budget. Either the butcher countertops or the concrete countertops, both of them own pros and cons. It’s back to you which one you are going to utilize for your kitchen. Your taste or the design you desire also an important aspect in determining which one you are going to use.

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