27+ Eye-Popping Walk in Bathroom Ideas

27+ Eye-Popping Walk in Bathroom Ideas – Everyone surely thinks what they can do for making their house looks different. It’s normal. Every one of us wants to show unique, in every way. But, here we don’t discuss the whole house decoration. We will specify the discussion about the bathroom.

Why the bathroom? It seems that the bathroom is cliché. But, the bathroom is an absolute factor in our house. Yet, unluckily, it often gets the small area. What we need to do is to maximize the look of the bathroom. How come?

Now, we are introducing the walk-in shower. Some of you might haven’t known about the walk-in bathroom. The walk-in bathroom is the term to call the no door shower. But, in the application, there are two options of a walk-in shower. The first one is no door at all and another one is the half partition walk-in shower.

The most popular design is the small bathroom walk-in shower. Yes, the walk-in shower is really beneficial for the small bathroom because it creates the eye trick. The appearance of a small bathroom will look bigger with the walk-in shower. But, there is also a popular design of master bathroom walk-in shower.

Why master bathroom? The answer is clear. It is because the master bathroom always gets the best decoration. Although the master bathroom is commonly already big enough, yet the walk-in shower doesn’t intend to make it look bigger. It is just to make the design looks distinctive.

About the open shower ideas, the more important part is the flooring. Have you gotten an idea about the flooring? There is one thing you should notice and of course should be applied for the walk-in shower. That is about the border between the shower floor and the floor beside. It’s better to build about 10-20 cm height border between them.

This border is important to avoid the water on the shower floor disturbs the next area. Therefore, it’s safe for walking in the area beside it. The material of the shower flooring is also important. Instead of slippery material like ceramic or marble tiles, we encourage the material with a more contoured surface like stones or wood. Of course, you need to adjust the material of the shower flooring with the interior. Yet, the safety is the first, isn’t it? Another alternative for the safety in shower flooring is the contoured mat.

About the walk-ins shower, there are also some bathroom designs in which the shower doesn’t come alone. It means that this shower is also accompanied by a bathtub next to it. Of course, it is applicable to the wide bathroom. The smaller bathroom usually has the bathtub under the shower.

The next important aspect about the shower is the wall tiles. It’s best to stick with the easy clean material. The painted wall is not recommended because it will get dull so fast due to the humidity. Walk-in shower is a nice modern design for a bathroom, if you want to make yours looks distinctive, you can try this one.

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