15+ DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

15+ DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint – In any room, the cabinets are always needed. Cabinets are not only functional for ornaments, of course. Like we know, that is one of the main organizations between the shelves. There are many types of cabinet designs that we know. Classic cabinets, modern minimalist, mid-century modern, etc. The types of cabinet designs are always similar to the room them they are in.
When time passes, the condition of the cabinets will get dull. It is so normal and it doesn’t mean that we have to purchase the new or doing total makeover. Commonly a cabinet can stand for some decades. Instead of installing new cabinets, it’s better to re-paint them. So, in this post, we will share some inspirations about the kitchen cabinets makeover.
Here we recommend you to use the chalk paint for kitchen cabinets. There are several advantages to using this type. For the painting step especially, you don’t need to prime them and the sanding is optional. Basically, the chalk paint doesn’t need the sanding. But, if you think that your kitchen cabinets might need it, you can have it.
It seems that everyone thinks that the cabinets painting process will take long hours, don’t you? Yet, it is not for this one. The chalk paint gives you a faster time to relax. Unlike the other types, this one gets dry sooner. That’s why this paint color is a perfect option for you who don’t have extra minutes to redo kitchen cabinets.
It is found that the chalk paint has a heavier texture. Since it is dense enough, you can coat it for only about three or four layers. Although it doesn’t need the prime as we said before, in the end, you still need the sealer. We will not give some information about sealer here. You need to consider which one suits for you because some people use the oil based while the others have the water-based sealer.
Since it has a quite heavy or thick texture, you have to be patient with the brushing. The result can make you a bit upset since their might is uneven surfaces. Yet, it doesn’t really impact how the cabinets look. Make to clean the cabinets first. You have to scrub it in order to remove any hard or light stains. After cleaning is enough, see carefully the cabinet textures or surface.

There might be small holes or uneven textures, so you will need the wood filler. You should not skip this step because it will influence the appearance of the cabinets. It seems cliche, but, for real, after you coat the cabinets and they get dry, you will see the difference of with and without filling. What do you think? Do you feel that this type of paint suits your need? If you feel that it’s good, you can go with it. Don’t makeover the cabinets by yourself. Ask your spouse or another family member to join. This work will go a whole day, though.

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