41+ Cozy Small Bedroom Inspo

41+ Cozy Small Bedroom Inspo – If you see many dorm rooms design, you might imagine, how can such a small space looks so cozy like that? If you are a student or maybe a young adult or someone who just get your first home, you might have to negotiate with small rooms. It’s okay, that’s not the reason to sad for. The small room instead, is better for a person who lives alone.
The small space demands less time to clean and you don’t feel empty there. Maybe, the first thing you might be confused about is the decoration or room layout. How it will be? How would all of the stuff be included in such a narrow space? To answer all your worries, we have simple small bedroom ideas here. You can adapt some of the designs to your bedroom.
The first and the most essential principle of decorating a small space is, being friend with the vertical space. So, you should consider the elevated area or loft area. Most of the dorm or apartment for single has an elevated bed. The underneath of the bed, therefore, is a perfect place for saving the stuff like cloth, or anything.
If you are going to search the apartment for single, you need to search the loft layout. There are some apartments that provide the living room, kitchen plus dining table, bathroom, and the loft bedroom. This kind of apartment layout can be your choice. The elevated bed is a perfect design for creating additional space under it.
Besides of the platform bed is very beneficial because it saves the horizontal area. Space underneath is good to make as the closet, bookshelves, or even as the workroom. You surely must check the platform bedroom design before moving to your new place. Some creative ideas even not only apply the platform bedroom. The creative ideas present the hanging bedroom. Yes, hanging. So, when you are going to bed, you have to up the stairs first.

Besides the cabinet underneath the bed, some people manage it as a walk-in closet. You might be amazed if you see it. The design of this platform bed is, the closet is only about the waist height. Although the height is just the same as the adult’s waist, it can load many wardrobes. When you need to enter the closet, you have to flip up the bed first. Interesting, isn’t it?
The platform bed or elevated bed is commonly popular for the kid’s bedroom. But, this kind of design then was adapt for the adults’ small bedroom decor also. Besides it’s compact, the elevated bed is also room efficient. Besides the underneath area of the bed, the stairs that lead to bed can be perfect places for the storage. What do you think? In fact, there are so many areas can be benefitted. Instead of sulking with your small bedroom, it gives you chance to be creative in arranging the bedroom layout.

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