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Posted at December 1, 2018 5:24 by Marry Dexter in Kitchen
italian kitchen wall decor sdgbs

10+ Italian Kitchen Wall Ideas – Not many people know that decorating the kitchen is very interesting. Although the kitchen commonly is not the main interest of the guest, however, for the owner itself, a kitchen should be interesting. There are many types of kitchen design. But now, we are going to give some ideas about […]

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Posted at November 24, 2018 12:50 by Marry Dexter in Dining Room
half wall decor nhnht

10+ Inspirations of Half Wall Decoration – When building a home, surely everyone wants their home to be different from the others. Therefore, sometimes an additional aspect is placed to change the casual aspect in a home, for example, is the partition between two rooms. Usually the root partition is a casual door, however, sometimes people […]

half wall decor zbdghhalf wall decor cwjgmhalf wall decor bdgfshalf wall decor bgenyhalf wall decor jgjhafhalf wall decor vfavg

Posted at November 20, 2018 14:38 by Marry Dexter in Dining Room
Dining room with kitchen vlauh

10+ Ideas of Dining Room with Kitchen – To save space, people sometimes combine two functional areas in the same space. For examples are the kitchen and the dining room, and the bathroom with the bedroom. Combining two functional areas is actually a good idea, especially if you have limited home space. People who live in […]

Dining room with kitchen lehhjDining room with kitchen dbbcyDining room with kitchen ffhghDining room with kitchen brurcDining room with kitchen kbcueDining room with kitchen djfvhjk

Posted at November 20, 2018 13:28 by Marry Dexter in Interior Design
10+ Vintage industrial home decor aaltw

10+ Vintage Industrial Home Decor – The industrial decoration is very popularly used by millennials. The decoration is called as industrial because it has industrial furniture indeed. Its decoration is signed with the undone decoration and the office-like furniture selection. The industrial decoration now isn’t only used by office or industry, but also for home. 1. […]

10+ Vintage industrial home decor  mmner10+ Vintage industrial home decor  pplskx10+ Vintage industrial home decor  llcps10+ Vintage industrial home decor  ppldf10+ Vintage industrial home decor wwelb10+ Vintage industrial home decor  llkdfg

Posted at November 17, 2018 1:56 by Marry Dexter in Kitchen

10+ French Kitchen Cabinet Styles – The rustic French kitchen cabinets are always in the soft color like pastel, grey, etc. The French style indeed has a feminine and artistic style. Sometimes we hard to define which one is the French style or which one is the other European style, or which one is the old […]

French country kitchen cabinets ffgaiFrench country kitchen cabinets ppofgFrench country kitchen cabinets hhjklFrench country kitchen cabinets klpdfgFrench country kitchen cabinets kklsaFrench country kitchen cabinets ddsft

Posted at November 15, 2018 14:02 by Marry Dexter in Kitchen

10+ Interesting Ideas of Bohemian Kitchen Decoration – The bohemian concept in a home is usually identical to the hanging plants. Furthermore, the patterns in the bohemian furniture are also unique and full. A room looks bohemian usually identified through the wall pattern also. Here we have several examples of the bohemian kitchen. 1. This room […]

Bohemian kitchen decor ppihcBohemian kitchen decor aasszBohemian kitchen decor iieviBohemian kitchen decor eertyBohemian kitchen decor hhjjkBohemian kitchen decor ffddz