44+ Best Modern Exterior for a Dream House

44+ Best Modern Exterior for a Dream House – When you are seeing many different homes design, you will sometimes find the one you dream. But, have you dream, or at least, imagine of living in luxury homes? When you accidentally or not seeing the luxury home from the magazine, do you start to imagine about that? People commonly do so. When seeing a luxury home with the extravagant facilities, people can automatically imagine how it feels if.

The luxury home that often outs in a movie or TV drama is mansion home. Only a little amount of people that can own this kind of house. The reason? Of course the cost. Although it seems impossible to own one, there is no matter if we take a glimpse about it, isn’t it? How if we start with the exterior first?

The modern mansion has the modern home exterior from the start. Once you enter or walk before the gate, you can feel as if you are entering another world. It can make you feel like you are entering a fairy tale world. You might feel like you were a billionaire right when you step inside the front yard.

There is a big gap between the old mansion and modern mansion design. The old mansion is the type which is the design is like a palace or castle. Meanwhile, the modern one can remind you of a modern hotel. For the building shape, of course, they are totally different. The modern mansion has a simpler lining because mostly the basic shape is square. It’s curved lining commonly comes only for the infinity pool on the balcony.

From the exterior design, you might directly get the idea what will the mansion interior looks like. The mansion interior as you imagine is so wide. Although each of the rooms is completed with complete facilities, there is a wide area for you to walk. And as we know that the modern mansion is so familiar with the glass that surrounds the building.

From inside the building, you can see the amazing view from the up. Anything you do there will be pleased with wonderful views. Up to this point, can you imagine what the rooms are that you can meet there? For such a super huge and luxury building like this, you don’t have to seek entertainment outside the house. The mansion house presents any excitement sources you will need. From the home theatre, gym, game room, anything.

The most important, there is an infinity pool. The infinity pool is the most spectacular feature of a modern mansion. You can get pleasure from swimming, as well as feeling the joy of beautiful scenery. Therefore, when you see a modern mansion picture from above, you can see that the clear blue infinity pool. Its clear blue is such a nice ornament for the house exterior. If you think that it is impossible to make your house exactly like that, there might be several features you can adapt like infinity pool for example.

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