76+ DIY Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls

76+ DIY Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls – Teens and kids today are so different. They already have a sight which one is aesthetic and which one is not. If your children have stepped on the teenager, it’s time for you to redecorate her bedroom. It’s impossible for them to stay with the same bedroom decor as they were kids. Don’t let your authority ruins their will in the taste of decoration. You just need to give some advice to them.
With the intro above, it’s very explicit that we are going to talk about the teen girl bedroom decorating ideas. The teen girl commonly loves bright colors, like light blue, pink, pastels, etc. As the frame of the bedroom, these colors will look so good for the wall painting. But, we will not be stuck to the wall paint itself. We will share mainly about the DIY crafts for teen girl bedroom.
Compared to the teen boys, the teen girls are better in liking the DIY decor. We will share about the DIY crafts that are flexible for any bedroom styles. So, let’s start what are the DIY things that will look nice for their bedroom. The first is the sparking can lamp. You need only simple-to-get materials which are unused food can, the light bulb, and paint colors.
So, first, you need to make holes on all the side of the food can. Then, you can start to paint them and wait till dry. The last, just put the light bulb inside. Finish, it can accompany your kids while reading at night. The second one is the mirror ornament.
It’s impossible if there’s no mirror in your kid’s bedroom. For making the mirror ornament, the steps are so simple. Firstly, get your children off to the nearest decoration store. There, let them choose anything they want for the mirror decoration. But make sure that the decoration suits the bedroom theme. After going home, all she needs is just sticking the decoration as they want on the mirror frame.

The third is the mini gallery in the side of the bedroom. It’s very easy how to make one. Firstly, you and your children should print her photos and cut them into Polaroid photo size. Or, you can just print any pictures. After that, hang the Tumblr photos in three or more lines horizontally. Then, hang the photos among the lights with the cute pins.
Besides of these DIY decorations, you can decorate the ceiling or wall with the boho or ethnic patterned cloth. Or you can place some all over the wall and ceilings. They are so easy to get and installed. We hope these DIY decor can help you and your children get happy with their room. first step to decorate is searching for some inspiration. Then, before you rush to stores to get the materials, you can search for some interesting things in your storage. Sometimes, unused things can be very aesthetic decorations. Get your kids together for decorating their own room.

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