73+ Cozy Modern Living Room Inspirations

73+ Cozy Modern Living Room Inspirations – After design, the coziness is the second essential factor of a living room. It’s impossible for us to like our living room if it is not comfortable. The combination design and comfort then will create such an amazing living room. Today, we will not discuss all the living room designs. We will only share some inspirations of them. So, stay with us until the end of this post.
The first design we will talk about is modern apartment living room décor. Nowadays, you can define the modern living room in several styles. But, to make you easily understand, there are several points that identify a living room has a modern design. The first is lining. The lining of furniture for the modern living room is simple.
Although in some cases it’s hard to tell whether a furniture type is modern or mid-century modern, all of them will always have the simple lining. While both of them can support the modern living room decoration. The easier way to different modern style and the others are lining complexity. The most obvious example is the ethnic or classic furniture. The ancient style furniture like vintage, antique, or ethnic all own complex lining ornament that made from hand carved. Good news for the owner of a small living room, the modern design will very match for their living rooms.
The next is the mid-century modern living room. The mid-century modern living room very suits for youths who just get their first apartment. The mid-century modern is type design. It makes you able to feel two atmospheres at once. Despite it can be categorized as the modern style, the shape of the furniture has the sense of vintage or retro, while still have a simple lining.
Whether it is modern or mid-century modern, both of them require basic colors like wood or soil colors, monochrome, or maximum is navy blue. A bit difference between them is found in the correlation with the natural element. The mid-century modern is friendlier with the application of green for the interior. It’s different from the modern that is quite far from nature element except for exterior or landscape. Moreover, for a mid-century modern living room, the decorations are noisier.

The interior designers today are very creative. They have found a composition of modernity inside a rustic building. This kind of design is called a modern rustic living room. It might be a solution for those who have a rustic home while the need to change the furniture. If it’s hard to find the rustic vintage furniture, the modern rustic decoration can be a solution. Don’t worry about how it will look.
The color selection here bridges the modern and rustic element. So, despite the furniture shape is simple and modern, it’s color is match with a rustic house. How’s your opinion? Which one that you feel will nice for your cozy living room definition? If you think that all of them are good and you find hard to decide, go to your family and discuss with them. Good luck!

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