62+ Modern Home Layout Inspirations

62+ Modern Home Layout Inspirations – There’s a reason why people always like modern design. The modern design never leaves the trend. The modern design applies the simplicity of shape. That’s why it is always on trend. The modernity sticks with the simplicity. Since the dominant trend people like is simplicity, the modern house design is never out of date.
Starting from the modern exterior, let’s talk about the whole modern home decoration. The exterior of a modern house is dominated with the square shape just like the interior. Thus, the modern exterior also uses the simple lining with simple colors. The modern house exterior usually has earthy colors since the exterior commonly utilizes the natural materials like a stone in decorating.
The modern exterior is also dense of glass material. Instead of the ordinary roof like in the vintage or country house, the modern home prefers the concrete as the roof material. So, the upper part f the house looks flat. Instead of the diagonal line, the modern house leans on the horizontal or vertical shape.
Then, about the modern landscape design, let’s discuss the front garden first. The front yard of the modern house tends to use the concrete or stones or other materials for footsteps. The grass also doesn’t dominate the front yard. So, if you imagine it, the front yard of a modern home looks very neat. The touch of concrete material like the house is still dense. The plants that beautify the front yard are also not the type of high and dense trees, yet the short greeneries.
The modern landscape will look like it is well arranged and grouped. So, the modern backyard is a cool place for the yard desk or pool yard. The landscape with extra facilities like these needs the arrangement that is not natural, yet well arranged. More than that, if you plan to build a modern landscape, it is very interesting since the modern landscape commonly looks like the hotel landscape. You can add extra furniture like a couch or some chairs and a table.
In short, the modernity of a home doesn’t mean it is apart from the natural element. From the front yard until the backyard, you can find that the modern home is filled with the greeneries everywhere. Ok, next, let’s move to the home interior. In this post, we will not talk about the whole rooms’ interior. We will only talk about the living room.

The definition of a modern living room can be applied in many room styles. Even today the earthy room is also the product of modern design. But, the one we discuss here is the modern minimalist living room. Just like the modern exterior, the square shapes also dominate the living room interior. It uses simple colors like monochrome or soil colors.
What do you think? Can you imagine how interesting it is a modern home? Modern home trend lasts forever. People seek this kind of design because they feel like the modernity can represent their identity.

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