62+ Awesome Living Room Decor Inspirations

62+ Awesome Living Room Decor Inspirations – Working with home decor is very exciting and challenging. Since human loves visually aesthetic things, decorating activity can be so pleasing. Especially for those who love artistic things, decorating our house can be a very enjoyable process. If you are right now is finding the best decor for your home, especially the living room, you should stay with us until the end of this post.
What we want to recommend here is not a modern and minimalist home decor. But, in this very special post, we will share some inspirations of being extra. Being extra with decorations. Being extra with everything you want to spill into a living room. Thus, what are these extra decors? Check this out.
The first idea of being extra is Ralph Lauren living room decor. What can we get from this style? Ralph Lauren home decor knows really well how to combine many eclectic patterns and colors in a frame. If you are interested in the European-like decor, this decor can fit with you. Ralph Lauren interior home tries to liven up the authentic decoration from Europe like tartan textile or fruit wallpaper pattern.
The next is the rustic living room decor. Why rustic decor can give us the opportunity of being extra? Rustic living room interior is an epitome of naturalism. So, you should not be afraid to make your living room looks shabby. What makes it interesting also, you don’t have to polish every furniture. The scratches even accentuate the natural look.
Then, there is a farmhouse living room decor. Almost the same with the rustic decor. However, this one has a sleeker furniture look. Both rustic and farmhouse concept have the old design furniture. Yet, the rustic one is way more organic. Not only that, farmhouse furniture generally has more complex details.
Whether rustic or farmhouse living room decor, you can give extra ornaments for them. You can give it through the ornaments of the table or wall decor. You can place large wall decor made from wooden materials. After rustic and farmhouse design, the last is boho living room decor. we all know that boho decor has been popular again at least for these three years.
Boho decor is also an opportunity for us who love a wide range of decor. Just like Ralph Lauren interior, it is also popular for the wide range of ornament styles. You can find boho style room is like Moroccan or Indian interior. Indeed, this style has elements of them. The most distinctive features of boho concept are the live plant use.

Although boho style also combines many different patterns at once, it is really different from the Ralph Lauren decor. The difference lies in patterns. The boho style has more intense tribal patterns. Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren is more European. Both of them give you the choice of being extra.
Every room interior here has its own distinctive features. All of them makes you able to spill more ornaments than modern minimalist decor. So, which one you will choose?

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