60+ Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

60+ Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas – How to arrange a living room depends on the size of the living room itself. It also depends on the facilities that will be built there fireplace or window nook. The knowledge about the interior decoration is very essential. So, this post will tell you about how to arrange living room furniture.
Let’s start the arrangement model for the small living room. The exact rule about the small living room decoration is, don’t use too much furniture there. Since the small living room is also used as the family room, you need to stick with the main function of the living room. Mainly, it is used to invite the guest and enjoy family quality time. So, you need the furniture or couch specifically, that can cope both functions.
The best arrangement for this is the open living room. What we mean is, don’t place the partition to divide the living room with the room next to it. Just let them barely seen. The sofa or couch itself is already enough to sign the area of the living room. It’s important to provide the couch only for 6 persons maximum.

The second one is the long living room layout. At least for this one, you have an advantage in terms of length. For this type of space, you can place a couch that has a good quantity. Luckily, you can add one or two accent chairs in one corner. Or, you can add a kind of reading corner or something. It will be very beneficial if you place a long cabinet or any long furniture there. So, these long furniture will accentuate the long character. To accentuate the length on the floor, you can add a long rug or rug with a horizontal pattern.
So, what about the large living room layout? Firstly, let us tell you that you’re so lucky to have such a wide home space. There’s no single issue for this one. You are free to arrange your living room with any kind of furniture placement. For this type of space, you can use more than a single couch type. Not only that, the large living room will be a nice showing place if you have a hobby for collecting big decorations like Chinese ceramics or anything. You can use the unique couch shape like round or anything.
What about the living room layout with fireplace? It’s very common for the living room to have a fireplace. For this one, we will specify the topic of furniture arrangement with a corner fireplace. For this one, people still place the furniture straight, not facing the fireplace because it will make the arrangement of other furniture is harder. The placement of couch and chairs should form a half circle so any seating place can receive the heat of the fireplace.
The living room should have extra design and arrangement because it is the place for welcoming the guest. Don’t forget to consider the size of the furniture before you arrange it in your living room.

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