58+ Studio Apartment Layout Ideas for Men

58+ Studio Apartment Layout Ideas for Men – What a man see from his apartment is not only its benefit but also a pleasure. So, what a man needs from a studio apartment layout in 400 sq ft? For sure, as any human need, the most basic things that a man needs a place for sleeping, taking bath, and eating. Before we talk about the decoration, you men need to know the studio apartment layout floor plans.
For a man lives alone like you, what you need to consider is the reduction of the room dividers or partitions. The studio apartment layout room dividers will make your one-floor studio apartment appears narrow and stuffy. The good thing that not many people aware is, the elimination of the room dividers will also reduce the clutter. The only room that will need the partition is your bathroom.
The reduction of partition is also very suitable for small studio apartment layout ideas. The small apartment will compile a complete house room arrangement on a single floor. So, you have to be smart in arranging the horizontal aspect. For the one-room apartment layout, there are several points that you have to keep in mind.
The first is mentioned before, which is the reduction of partition. And we have a nice tip to part your bedroom with the room next to it. You can place the bookshelf that is not too high between the bedroom and room next to it. Or, you can hang a curtain there. So, you just need to close the curtain only when you need it or while you sleep.
The second one, you need to benefit the vertical aspect. By doing this, you can get more room function on a single floor. For example, you can place the bedroom up from the ground. Today, you can get the furniture or design like this complete with the stairs and another furniture addition. So, you can get more space under it for the work desk or anything.
Second, you need to be friendly with bright paint colors. What we mean here that you don’t have to paint your wall in pink or bright yellow, but you can paint it in a neutral color like white. White is an androgyny color, suits for men or women. The apartment decorating for men actually is an exciting process, so don’t stress yourself about it.
About the kitchen style, you need the simple one with the cabinets to surround the area because you need storage as much as possible. Then, you can add a mini dining room for four or only two persons. The dining table which is foldable one is also recommended. It is simpler and of course, save more place. And about the living room, you might already know about it. A living room two until four is enough.

So, what do you think? After reading this post, you may have an imagination about what kind of decoration you will adopt. Good luck for it and don’t forget the essential principles we share above.

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