54+ Grand Luxury Penthouse Apartment Ideas

54+ Grand Luxury Penthouse Apartment Ideas – When talking about the grand apartment design, there’s no one that can beat the penthouse in terms of luxury. Penthouse not only presents the grand design and the luxury facilities, but also the location that provides a grand view. The exclusive penthouse design might get us curious and guess what are there. So, let’s skin the luxury apartment décor start from the New York luxury apartment.
Talking about the penthouse, the main thing that gets us curious is its luxury apartment interior. One thing for sure is, what a penthouse gives you is the wonderful view from the up. You are able to see the beautiful sky since getting up until going to sleep. Not all of the penthouse only provide an amazing view from the bedroom. Some of them also provide it in the bathroom. So, imagine you soak yourself in a bathtub while enjoying the sunset. Having a penthouse means having a picturesque home.
It’s not New York it doesn’t provide the luxury. The NYC luxury apartment makes the owner feel the graceful feeling in every corner in every touch. The owner will not find an ordinary kitchen with usual counterparts. People will only find a big kitchen with an extravagant marble counterpart that is sleek and beautiful. The interior is filled with an aesthetic lining that you will not find in any other place.
Ok, let’s finish the NYC things, let’s move to another continent. Here imagine you step on the London luxury apartment. The country of Queen Elizabeth gives the view of historical building everywhere. This city is not only beautiful but also full of meaning. A penthouse in London doesn’t only give a nice view from the inside of penthouse. It also gives the beauty of city and sky from the balcony. So, instead of only imagining the fresh air, the owner can feel it directly, from up in the sky.
The glass house concept that is provided for the London luxury apartment gives the chance to get sunlight as much as possible whenever it comes. It’s such a pleasure for the country full of clouds. Interestingly, many these luxury apartments are designed with the contemporary look. The youthful colors that decorate all over the apartment make the atmosphere so youthful.
Let’s end the talk about London luxury apartment. Let’s move to another continent again, the Eastern Asian country, Korea. In the heart of Korea, Seoul, you will find many artistic buildings and ornaments that decorate Seoul. In this country of the Korean wave, the famous Korean luxury apartment is located in Gangnam. Some Korean luxury apartment really adopts the natural concept. It is proven from the live small tree inside the apartment. Some ceilings are also made from glass to make the owner able to see the beautiful sky during the night.

Some of the concepts of the luxury apartment can be adopted in the casual house like the open ceiling, bathtub near the window, etc. Get inspired from anywhere and beautify your house! Inspirations can come from all over the world.

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