54+ Cozy Attic bedroom Decor Ideas

54+ Cozy Attic bedroom Decor Ideas – Usually, the attic is left as the place for storeroom or even left empty. But, actually, it is an attractive place that should not be left. It offers artistic interior. It also offers beautiful scenery at night. The attic is such a good place for personal use. You can extremely enjoy me-time moment there. For the day or night, you will not be bored to stay there.
If you need a new atmosphere, you can move from your current bedroom to the attic. Attic already presents the unique feature that you need for a bedroom. The exposed beams in the ceiling and the diagonal contour are big assets. You may need only a small attic renovation. You just need to see if there are some parts to fix. You might even just clean it.
Okay, before you move to the attic, what things you should prepare? During the hot weather, the attic will get a higher temperature than the other rooms, especially beneath the floor. It is just natural. Heat flows from down to up. That’s why you need a room cooler. But, we don’t recommend air conditioner. To make the attic bedroom looks more artistic, we recommend the fan. Especially the vintage one.
Sometimes attic space is rather small. It’s okay, it is because of the diagonal wall contour. So, you will need the smart layout trick. The key is, you should utilize smart furniture. You can use the platform bed that has cabinets beneath it. For placement, we should not waste the area near the window. You should place the bed near the window. So, during the night, you can get the natural light from the stars. You can enjoy the night scenery also.
If you want more from the window, you can custom the platform bed quite high. And give a space between the bed and window. You can create a window nook there. Place your enjoyable books there and some cushions. Besides the smart furniture, you can employ the custom attic storage. A custom built-in cupboard and shelves are good ideas for making a clean and wide look.
It is such a waste for staying in the attic without romanticizing the interior. If your attic looks vintage or rustic, you just need to maximize it. You can leave the original color of the beams and hardwood floor. For the window treatment, you can employ the cover that is practical. But, leaving it uncovered is also good. Presenting the view from the attic window every time is a good idea.

You can create a statement in your attic bedroom. You can decorate it as if it’s your own cave. How to do it? Place an enjoyment feature there. Something like hammock or swinging chair is a nice idea. Or, you can create a small living room by placing a couple of sofas and a small table there. You can also place your work desk there. For the last touch of romanticizing, you can add a patterned rug and unique lightings there.

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