52+ Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

52+ Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants – There are so many benefits of plants that people are often unaware of. The existence of plants in your home will make your home feels livelier. But, especially, plants influence to the better quality of the air. It has the capacity to absorb mild dust. So, if you have a bad allergy with your respiratory or skin, home plants will help.
We said above that home plants make your home looks livelier. Yes, we know so many inspirations from the Pinterest about the home plants. People turn themselves into green god and goddess and turn their home semi-jungle.
However, from photos of those people, we find that the bulk of indoor plants indeed looks aesthetic. So, we sum up some attractive ways to present home plants.
One, you can build a vertical garden. If you have an old ladder, you can reclaim them and turn it into a plants shelf. This ladder garden can be placed in a certain corner of your living room.
Or, you can hang some shelves on the wall and put plants there. We encourage you to place one or two drapes down plants. Long plants like that will make an attractive appearance. Moreover, you can liven up these shelves by adding one more living element. What is that?
You can add a fish inside a glass container among the plants! Yes, how good it will be to look at a small jungle in your wall.
Two, use eclectic pots. You don’t have to grow the plants in uniforms pots. That’s why when you choose a pot, make sure it has an artistic shape. So, the design of the pot will support the plants. You should group some of them together in certain corners. You can place them on the window or on the floor.
Three, you should not place everything in a group. There should be some as loners. You shall place big plants near certain furniture. For example, a big plant near the sofa or bed.
Four, don’t forget the succulents. They have so many cute and unique shapes. You should place them among the others or make a green spot consists of them. Some succulents also have drape down shape. You shall have it some!
Five, don’t stick with greens. Yes, commonly we find people grow the greens only. Yet, you can make some improvisation by growing the colored leaf plants.
Six, place long plants among the artworks. Actually, they don’t necessarily to be artworks. Photograph or any decors is okay. If you have a corner where you place some decors or artworks, you can tuck a long branched plant among them. The contrast like this is an authentic way of presenting decoration in your house.

Don’t focus the door plants only in the living room or a certain area. You should spread them in the bathroom, bedroom, balcony, and other places.
You will not only see that your home gets more beautiful. But, you will see that your health improves.

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