50+ The Secret of Choosing Lighting that More than Just Lighting

50+ The Secret of Choosing Lighting that More than Just Lighting – The beauty of a house is not only determined by ornaments or furniture. Yet, the brightness or lighting also takes the role.
You surely realize that different lighting ambiance gives you another mood. That’s why the restaurants give certain lights for couple’s tables. The lighting for a reading room is also different from the one for the kitchen or living room.
Now people are more interested in the use of multi lightings in a room. Multi lighting creates a different ambiance in a room. Because there are the focus and indirect lightings. The combination of them can help you to create certain moods.
So, before you determine the design or kind of lighting, the first thing you have to decide is, what nuance or mood you want to create. Every room needs a different mood.
The living room needs a more cheerful mood, as well as the family room. Yet, for the bedroom, you need lighting for a cheerful mood as well as to focus. So, in your bedroom, you will need some indirect lightings and one or two focus lighting on every side of your bed.
In your bathroom, you will need indirect lighting and focus lightings for shower and vanity.
In certain areas like a kid’s room or home exterior, you also need lightings. But, for the exterior, you don’t have to make extra just like the interior.
For the exterior, you can put the lighting in certain areas that you want to accentuate. So, you can place the lighting where the architectural features have to be exposed. You also need to place some decorative lightings in your garden.
This key is also very applicable to the house interior. If there are some architectural features in your home, you can place the lighting there. Or, if you want to show off some decors or artwork, you can expose its texture through lighting above it.
In choosing the design of lighting you should be wise. So, if there are certain areas where you often invite your guest, you should choose a formal shape of lighting. For example, if you often invite your formal guests in your dining room, you should choose chandelier over the pendants.
The size proportion of your lighting also should be concerned.
If your house is built with a low ceiling, you need to choose the lighting with the ideal proportion. You should avoid being bias for design. Although the design of lighting is so appealing for you, you should walk away from it if it’s too big or too small for your living room.
If your living room has a low ceiling, you should avoid super long pendants with a big diameter. It will make the gap between the floor and ceiling looks shorter.

For certain areas like above the dining table or kitchen island, you can choose the lighting with a unique shape. It will make your dining area and kitchen appear more attractive. Now, you can choose attractive lighting for your house. Good luck.

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