50+ See the Modern and Urban Architecture for Young

50+ See the Modern and Urban Architecture for Young – For the urban settlers, visionary interior design is a great choice. As the urban dwellers, we often find ourselves falling in love with the futuristic theme. The lifestyle has much influence in our way of choosing many things, including interior architecture. Being modern indeed gives us certain satisfaction. The feeling of being update and being the part of the futuristic community can make us proud.

If you want to create a proud feeling through your home, you may follow these modern house designs. One more positive thing about the modern house is, it is quite flexible for any home size. That’s why the urban dwellers who live in a small space can adopt the modern interior. Before talking about the modern urban interior, let’s talk about the modern house exterior first.

For the exterior, we should agree that the industrialist concept is so much interesting. Except for the apartment, the modern urban home has a simple decoration with not many lining details. Maybe the most common one is the minimalist style which appears like a loft house. Although the minimalist façade is seen, yet the front yard decoration passes no reduction. You can see many examples of modern urban homes that still have the front yard landscape.

For the house interior, to create a modern urban vibe, there are several things you have to hold. For the paint and the whole color schemes, the modern urban home is more familiar with the neutral tones. Yet, being stick with neutral tones doesn’t mean you cannot explore more colors. You can employ bold and cheerful colors for the accents. To strengthen the contemporary feeling without employing excessive colors, you can place a statement decor. For example, you can place a big painting with colorful appearance.

The next tips, don’t be doubt to mix the scale. In a single room, should be afraid of combining big size furniture with a petite one. Some contrastive look like this makes your home interior appears more creatively. Moreover, even if you want to present the modern urban vibe, you can employ the earthy or natural furniture and decor. This way is so useful to make the whole interior looks softer.

Besides the wooden or other earthy elements, don’t forget that metallic one is more impactful. The metallic furniture or decor can strongly present the futuristic atmosphere. You can utilize the eclectic furniture and decor for a single or all rooms. Meanwhile, you should not neglect the fact that you have to stick with continuity also. The jointed color scheme from room to another makes your whole home doesn’t look the part.

So, the uniform or continuity of color scheme in every room is really important. It correlates with the key to the modern urban lifestyle for being simple. Different color scheme from a room to another makes the simplification principal is eliminated. What do you think? Create a modern urban house doesn’t mean you have to be monochromatic, isn’t it?

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