50+ Minimalist Interior Ideas for Small Apartment

50+ Minimalist Interior Ideas for Small Apartment – These days, a phenomenon of being minimalist has been booming. Since the bombastic popularity of Marie Kondo’s book and then Fumio Sasaki’s, people start to think less is more. However, actually before the concept of minimalist living came out recently, the theme of the minimalist home has come far in advance. In Sasaki’s book, he tells his house is minimalist. Yet, the minimalist interior design is not the same as Sasaki’s home.

The minimalist home decor is not about eliminating the stuff to remain the most basic. The minimalist home design is about the decoration that accentuates the compact and functionality. The minimalist design is the best interior idea for small spaces. There are several rules of the minimalist home decor.

The first rule is utilizing compact modern furniture. Just like the Japanese interior design that is so familiar with compact and high functioned furniture, that’s how the minimalist modern interior is. That’s why the simplification furniture of Japanese interior is also very applicable for the condo interior design. Instead of utilizing two types of furniture with different function, the modern Japanese home likes single type of furniture that has double or even triple functions.

The minimalist interior holds on the slim figure of furniture. It doesn’t mean that the furniture is small, yet, the furniture has a slim lining, not the thick one. The minimalist interior is very recommendable for the small living space like a dorm room or single person apartment. It tells you how to layout the small living space to function maximally.

The minimalist interior is also not familiar with the bold colors since the bold colors look heavy for the interior looks. In contrast, it is more familiar with neutral colors like white or grey. Yet, this generalization is not absolute. Some of the small living spaces still use bold colors in certain not dominant aspect.

The minimalist concept should be manifested in terms of the home layout, too. Thus, the less partition is a recommendable interior design for the small home. Commonly, the living room and the kitchen interior design are united into one. Their locations are side by side without any partition. The less partition like this makes a small living space looks wider.

The minimalist design gets along well with the vertical space. So, being minimalist here means also how to remain some empty area inside the home. You have to consider the platform or loft interior decor if you live in a small house. The platform bed, for example, is beneficial for creating organization space underneath the bed.

The place underneath the bed, like the minimalist Japanese bed, can be used as the cabinets, closet, or any form of storage. We can sum up the minimalist concept with several rules. They are the minimalist lining or slim lining. It can mean also as light texture. Then, the compact and high functioned furniture. The last is the usage of the simple basic color.

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