49+ Country House Design Goals

49+ Country House Design Goals – Creating a country style house today doesn’t mean that you exactly have to adopt all the rural decorations. You can give the urban touch that radiates the modernity. Therefore, the will of having a country style house is not just a dream anymore. With the modern furniture that is easy to get, you are still able to build a country style house.

It has been some periods when the modern country house is very popular. Unlike the radical country house décor that applies the vintage and rural concept all over corners, the modern country style has the flexibility to use the simple lining for furniture.

You might find many examples of English country house interior that has little flower patterns which are combined with the modern sofa or modern bad. So, basically, the modern country design has the basic design of country style house while the ornaments inside are some given in modern style. But, you must not forget that it has to own the country house exterior as the signature.

The modern country style also gives you the opportunity to feel the old rural atmosphere while enjoying the modern comforts. The contrast of country and modern here is bridged by the colors, textures, and of course patterns. When you wander around the shops, you will realize that there are many modern types of furniture is produced with the traditional pattern fabric like tartan for example. The colors that use for the modern country style are also nudes or grey palettes. More than that, for the interior, the exposed stones, and the hardwood are the links of rural and urban concepts.

From the previous paragraphs, you can get the implicit idea about the English country style house. The next we talk about the French country house. Both of them has different basic in terms of the interior or exterior concept. We know that the French house is known for its French windows. Their kind of window has a function that is like a door. So, it’s like a glass door.

The French country style house is also identical for its classic theme furniture. The curvy lining with complicated design will create a feminine appearance for them. And they are the main characteristic of French country style house. Different from the English country style house that accentuates on the purity of rural atmosphere. The French country style strengthens the beauty of the design.

Talking about the rural home style, it is incomplete if we don’t talk about the Gingerbread house log cabin ideas. Why do we say the gingerbread here? Because the log cabin reminds us to the house of gingerbread in kid’s story. This log cabin is even more natural and pure than any other rural style house. It uses totally the woods to build the home. The texture of woods is clearly seen from the interior or exterior.

The country house design is always able to overcome our thirst for a rural atmosphere. The country house design moreover, is a nice choice of creating a warming and pureness vibes in the middle of urban life.

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