48+ Color Sparks in the Vintage House

48+ Color Sparks in the Vintage House – Just like the rustic house, the vintage one is also typically in neutral tones. But, you hardly imagine how interesting a vintage house with colorful decors. In fact, colors don’t eliminate the vintage look of a house. Meanwhile, bringing colors in your vintage house makes you feel like living inside a storybook.

We are sure some of you really interested in the vintage house instead of a modern apartment. If anyone here thinks the same, you can get an extraordinary vintage house design with these following inspirations.

One, in the front yard of your house, makes sure that a sign stands there. You can utilize old pallets or anything and write the name of your house. Use various paint colors to paint on it. To build it on the ground, you can use the trunk for a more rustic look.

As the title says, we will recommend ways to color your vintage house. Besides the home sign above, you need to maintain history more. You shall support your vintage house with vintage furniture pieces. To show off our colorful vintage house, you shall provide the vintage look through the big furniture pieces.

You can find much vintage stuff from the antique shops. Even if you don’t mean to utilize them, some old stuff like phonograph can be a perfect décor. Another thing that you have to invest from the antique shop is painting. For your vintage house, you can combine the scenery painting with portraits. Why should vintage painting? Unlike the modern one, vintage painting has its own color hue uniqueness.

For the furniture itself, you can combine the vintage furniture whether it is made from wood or iron with the colorful complement. For example, for the bed, you complete your vintage bed with a bright color bed sheet. Moreover, for your table, you can complete it with the pink standing lamp, blue pot, and colorful flowers, etc. Hence, whatever the furniture material is, you shall place the colorful stuff on it.

We very recommend the flower pattern, checkered, polka dots, etc. For the color, if you can use a very wide color range. But, if you prefer continuity more, you can limit the range with certain colors, for example, for the whole house you will color your house with blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow.

For the flooring, you also shall not forget to give it a colorful touch. You can place a magenta rug or anything. So, we can sum up, for the colorful vintage house you can start from preserving historical features. Then, you can repurpose the furniture pieces.

Next, combine the woods or iron with the colorful complements. Then, don’t forget the paintings. And yes. About the painting frame, you can mix the vintage one with the more modern one. But, we recommend the vintage frame for the biggest painting.  Last, you can limit the variety of colors or not, it’s up to you. These tips are easy to follow, aren’t they?

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