48+ Attractive Home Trends for 2019

48+ Attractive Home Trends for 2019 – Every year, there are always attractive things that come up. For this year as well, there are attractive trends for the home interior. The trends that change every year is the fresh breeze for anyone who is going to redecorate their house. The trends that come this year is not only advantageous for those who have big houses. The trends this year are creative for any house, whether it is big or small. So, what are the trends?
First, to welcome the spring of this year, let’s talk about the spring 2019 home trends. Okay, when you hear about the 2019’s spring trends, what comes to your mind? Spring is identical with greeneries, colorful flowers, and earthy elements. So, if some of you guess that the home trends for spring 2019 will seem like these, congrats you are true.
In this 2019, the spring home decor predictions are greeneries, earthy tones, natural material, and black. However, actually these trends are predicted not only specifically for the spring, but, for the whole year of 2019. Even though, they are more suitable for the spring. So, these 2019 spring trends are also parts of 2019 home interior trends.
If we talk about the 2019 paint color trends, we can explain it in two ways. First, we can talk about color prediction in general. Second, we can tell the predictions according to the popular paint color corporations like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc. The color trends that might be popular for 2019 are wide enough. These color range from grey, green, purple, brown, and blue tones. So varied aren’t they?
For the popular manufacturer like Sherwin Williams, the 2019 Sherwin Williams paint color trends are Charcoal Blue SW, Dark Knight SW, Black Bean SW, Distance SW, Porpoise SW, Felted Wool SW, Elation SW, Misty SW, Origami SW, and Extra White SW. These colors are still members of blue, grey, green, and brown tones.
However, despite the paint color trends that were released by them. The giant color institute, Pantone, also released home interior color trends. According to Pantone, the prominent 2019 color trend will be living coral. You may know the coral color as the pastel color. While they also introduce other color trends for home beside the living coral itself.
According to some trends that we mentioned before, the kitchen trends for 2019 will be dominated with earthy tones like wooden furniture. Not only the wooden furniture itself, the matte black might be popular as the kitchen cabinet also. We can assume that in this year, the kitchen trend will be a composition of the natural and modern touch. So, the modern farmhouse or modern rustic kitchen might be so popular this year.

If you want to remodel some parts of your house, you can adopt some ideas that are applicable. For examples the wall painting and the use of greeneries. However, if you are in the process of building your house, the 2019 trends can be an absolute interior option.

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