47+ Modern Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard

47+ Modern Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard – Recently, there is a surprising video that tells about a swimming pool inside a 6x15m home. Do you think it is possible? Of course! In such size, there is a possibility. If you have a backyard, it will be more possible. Moreover, the swimming pool is a favorite of all ages. From the toddlers to seniors, everyone loves the swimming pool. That’s why it is a perfect backyard landscaping idea.

If you want to search for some pool designs, this is the place. We have several ideas of the pool from the natural inspired one until the modern inspired. Let’s not take the time too long and see them one by one.  One, let’s focus on the garden pool. If you love the tropical country nuance, you can build the swimming pool with an organic atmosphere.

What we can recommend for the natural pool is the swimming pool with stone flooring and border. You can give some ornaments of big stones ons the out circle of the pool. Moreover, to strengthen the natural nuance, you can create a mini forest or just green bushes in several corners. If you want to make it more interesting, you can build artificial fountains with the ornaments of big stones.

So, the most important elements of the natural pool here are plants and stones. It is better if you create an unclear border between the artificial bushes and the pool itself. Next, if you prefer the easily managed pool, you can build the pool patio. The patio with wooden deck and a pool will be enough for spending a Sunday morning.

The recommended decor of pool patio here is the one that consists of a pool, some sunbath seats, and some chairs with table. The most common pool shape is rectangular. But, you can adjust to the size of the yard. If the rectangular pool is too big, you can create the one with round shape or square.

In the previous sentence, we recommend some chairs and sunbath seats. Why? Of course, the only reason is, to load people as much as possible. Another idea of pool patio is like outdoor onsen. We know that onsen is made from the wood. So, why don’t you make a simplistic pool like Japanese has?

The last, we recommend the modern pool. If you want easier maintenance of the pool, this is the one. if you see some pictures of the modern pool, it looks like having a clear lining. The modern pool generally has the domination of concrete material. And a bit combination of woods and stones. So, the modern pool looks like having a uniform color and looks so neat.

Another idea of a modern pool is the infinity pool. Many people wish to have this one. If your balcony is wide enough, you can create an infinity pool like in hotels if you want. Among these inspirations, we are sure there is at least one dream pool of yours. So, which is one that you dream for?

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