47+ Hawaiian Home Designs for Every Beach Lover

47+ Hawaiian Home Designs for Every Beach Lover – There is some type of house with environmental nuance. For examples are a mountainous house, ranch house, beach house, and many more. These houses commonly located near nature. But, actually, we don’t have to live in such areas. Even if we live far from such nature places, we can present the nuance of the mountainous house, beach house, and many more.
In this post, we will recommend the design of Hawaiian homes. Not the traditional Hawaiian home we mean, but the beach home decor. To decorate a Hawaiian home, you don’t have to fill your house with palms or anything that make your house literally like near the sea. You are also not necessary to fill the decorations full with a nautical theme.
In a modern beach house, you have more freedom in combining the decorations. You can play with more colors and theme. We have some recommendations for attractive features for your beach house decor. What are they? Okay, first, let’s start with your front door. To make your front door looks more attractive, you can paint it a bright color. But, you need to remember that the color should relate to the beach color scheme.
For example, you can paint the front door with the pinkish sand color. Or, you can pick a beach color shade like aquamarine for the front door. For the interior, you are also very allowed to present bright and bold colors. Like we said before, you are not necessarily to present everything in nautical theme. So, you can combine the furniture in nautical colors with bold ornaments.
For the furniture, you can also combine the nautical theme furniture with another theme. For the living room as an example, you can combine the rattan sofa with a table in contemporary design. Or, you can use the casual sofa design with rattan table. Yet, you still have to remember that, even you can do mixing, you have to make some statements about the nautical theme.
What can we do about making statements? You should employ the decoration that bold enough to tell the nautical theme. For example, you can place fish net decor on the wall, or you can place some boat figures on the cabinet, or you can use the conventional fan for the room cooler. In terms of the material of decor and furniture, you have to avoid the heavy-thick materials.

We know that the nautical area is warmer, so the light fabrication is better than the thick one. Even if you want to place a rug, don’t place the thick, one. Yet, place the rug design that is similar to a picnic mat. The architectural accents are also very important for the Hawaiian feeling. Consider featuring the exposed beams on the ceiling or hardwood floor. These features are impactful in creating a beach house look. For the greater natural impression, you can employ natural features like live plants. Of course, you need to employ the plants which are near with nautical nuance.

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