47+ Awesome Best Color Schemes for Living Room

47+ Awesome Best Color Schemes for Living Room – Talking about the color schemes, they are commonly presented with certain theme names like autumn, spring, etc. depends on what season they out. Knowing the home color schemes as many as possible can make you able to choose a nice wall painting and its furniture companion colors. So, now we will share some living room color scheme ideas.
The lovable color schemes that we encourage you now is the autumn color schemes. This kind of color scheme is strongly popularized during the fall with fashion designers. Luckily, the wardrobe season trends are relatable with the paint color schemes. And for this fall theme, the most attractive color schemes include grey, brown, and blue shades. These colors are familiar with autumn wear, aren’t they?
Grey and brown living room are the most popular ones among these colors. They are the easiest to find in living room ideas. Also, luckily these colors are the easiest to be combined with any room style concept. Instead of combining with brighter colors or playing with mixed color compositions, the grey living and brown living room tend to play with tones. So, in a single living room, there can be more than three or four grey tones.
Besides playing with tones, what make a grey living room doesn’t look boring at all are the material textures and the furniture designs. The material textures, especially the obvious one, will make the living room looks varied neutrally. This kind of texture playing usually owned by the earthy living room or antique living room.
The next member of the autumn color schemes is light blue. Maybe the light blue living room that you know in common is coastal themed. Light blue paint color is also popularized by the Scandinavian style. The Nordic style indeed is identical with a calm and gloomy atmosphere. That’s why the light blue really fit for them.
The colors that look androgyny like grey and navy, are good for any room decorations. The grey and navy living room, if you never expected, is very nice for the classic living room design. These colors look best during the winter. They just accentuate the weather atmosphere. Bringing the outside feeling to the inside of the house.
The previous colors we mentioned which are grey, navy blue and light blue are representations of moody nuance in the modern living room. We all know that gloomy and moody home nuance today are so fancy. Many influencers also love to take photo shoots in these kinds of room. That’s why these colors own high demand in public. If the grey, light blue, and the navy blue tend to look cold, the blue and brown living room make the room looks more casual. It is because the brown color is easy to find anywhere.

These color tones are colors that can make your living room looks up to date even if it has vintage decoration. We recommend you with these color schemes because they own various shades and are able to be combined with any other color.

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