46+ Update Guides to Interior Design Styles

46+ Update Guides to Interior Design Styles – Knowing many types of interior design is important. Knowing many types of interior design makes us able to decorate our house with distinctive design. Knowing more can make you more creative in decorating the house. Therefore, we want to help you choose the interior design that will make your home has distinctive decoration among your neighborhood.

Firstly, you need to know about the interior design portfolio. What does it mean? We won’t be too serious. What we mean by portfolio here is a bit of preview from some interior styles. In this post, you will not only know about the interior styles but also interior design ideas for small spaces. So, if you gonna live in a small house, you don’t need to worry.

One, let’s start from the grand one, the luxury interior design. The luxury interior design will fit so much for the big houses in a downtown. The luxury interior design has the core character of big furniture use. So, interior design bedroom for a luxury house will be always completed with king or queen bed size.

Designing a luxury home means you need to spend extra. Don’t use the standard or common ornaments. The luxury home means beautiful decoration. Start from the crystal lamp, textured wallpaper, leather or velvet sofa set, classy design of mirror, etc. Actually, you can translate the luxury design into certain themes like modern or classic or Moroccan or whatever.

Yet, what differs the luxury design with ordinary modern or classic or anything is, the furniture and decoration that are used are high class. Ok, let’s move on from the luxury to ordinary modern interior design. Just like the luxury design, modern design is also an adjective. It can be translated into various themes.

So, the modern design can be in forms of industrial modern, modern Scandinavian, amber interior, modern minimalist, even the modern farmhouse, and etc. What you need to remember about the modern design is, it doesn’t befriend with the complicated lining of furniture or decor. So, although you can form it into various designs, they all have similar basic which is the minimal lining.

What can you notice from the modern design is also the less playing with the colors. Although you might find the modern design comes with some bold ornaments, it will not occupy the overall room. Instead of the complicated lining, the modern style stands on the symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes. For the small space, the modern types are the best.

Next, let’s talk about the rustic interior design. You should not think that the rustic design is outdated. Because in fact, the modern furniture stores store the stuff in the rustic theme. So, the rustic theme that they present will not make your house falls into an extreme country design. The rustic interior instead, creates a friendly and warming atmosphere through natural materials. What do you think? For a big house, we recommend luxury or modern types. For the small house, maybe the modern one is the best, isn’t it?

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