46+ Desert Inspired Interior Decor

46+ Desert Inspired Interior Decor – Many times the boho style appeals to us. The boho style is not only popular in the world of fashion apparel. The boho style these current years is also popular for the home decor. Maybe some of you don’t realize that the boho style is identical with the desert nuance. How come is it?
In a certain period, the agents of styles like retail companies, bring the iconic items. And recently, one of the iconic items is the cactus shape. This iconic item comes at the same time when the boho style is trending. Since the boho style correlates with a floral theme, it suits with the cactus or desert nuance. Therefore, the desert theme ornaments are found in the boho home decor today.
The cactus plants are often seen in the boho home decor. Besides the real cactus, the cactus pictures are also often found. The boho style is not complete with the greeneries. The cactus is a nice choice for you who want to make a boho style bedroom. It doesn’t need often treatment and it has various unique shapes.
The color palette for a home with the desert-inspired is earthy color. The colors like plain white that is combined with the wooden element can create a perfect nuance. The desert inspired decor in forms of live cactus or cactus picture is also suitable for the amber interiors. The amber interior looks modern. Yet, it is also close enough with the natural element. More than that, the amber interior has the same color base as the earthy decor which is white.
Don’t forget that the desert inspired nuance allows you to use the ethnic pattern tapestry or even cloth decor and curtain. Yet, don’t employ the tapestry or cloth decor which is full color. Just use the one which has simple and basic colors like monochrome or sand colors. Besides the simple white, there is also a color palette that is quite typical for the earthy interior. That is the coral color palette.
The coral color palette is feminine. It ranges from the orange-pink-and red. This color palette previously popular with the icon of flamingo, pineapples, and cactus. And all of them are introduced by the young adult favorited retail like Urban Outfitters. That’s why the boho or earthy home decor that they bring is quite familiar with the coral colors.

Interestingly, the boho nuance with the coral color is also close to modern decors like LED lamps or Tumblr lighting. The coral color with boho themed bedroom is a nice option for the girl bedroom. Although the retail company like the Urban Outfitters has the fans that most young adults, this kind of bedroom concept is also good for the teenagers.
What do you think? Which one do you choose, the earthy color boho bedroom or coral color boho bedroom? Both of them are nice choices for the modern bedroom. The earthy or boho bedroom that the Urban Outfitters presents moreover is easy to adapt.

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