45+ Single Story House Exterior Designs

45+ Single Story House Exterior Designs – Today, the single or two stories house is not anything. All the important thing today is the home design. So, even if you have a single story, as long as it can fulfill all your need, you can be content with that. Single or two-story, as long as you can smartly design it, a beautiful house is in hand.
Before building a home, everyone for sure need to consult with the experts. In this process, it is not only necessary to hear the advice, yet also to ask anything you need to know. You have to be active in receiving the advice. More importantly, besides the design itself, you should get the information about the house treatment. By knowing that, you will understand what kind of material that is best for your home design.
As we know that today, one of the most popular designs are modern and minimalist. These themes can be combined as one. But, the manifestation of modern design today is not only about the minimalist decoration. Yet, the modern design can cope also other themes. The definition of modern in people’s mind today is distinctive. People don’t only stick with simple furniture and decoration as well. They can find the way how to make a creative modern design without losing the minimalism.
Meanwhile, the minimalist house design covers all aspects, the building design, furniture, even the decoration. The difference between modern and modern minimalist here is based on the principle. The minimalist concept is the principle that brought into the design. The minimalist house design looks very clean with only functional furniture.
Both modern and minimalist applies similar features. They have the same color composition and the same type of lining. Meanwhile, the modern design is brave enough to place many decorations, with a note, the color composition is in harmony with the interior design. So, up to this point have you get the idea? The combination both of them which is modern minimalist, have a strong futuristic nuance. Not only the furniture that looks simple and compact but the interior with this style looks so clean and neat.

The topic that is also hype these days is the Indian house elevation design. This topic is quite useful to gain people’s awareness in home design. Before realizing the home, they need to see the elevation design. It is important to consider with the condition of the neighbors and space. That’s why it is essential to look not only from the front but all over the side.
Ok now, if you already have an idea about your home design, what are other sides that you have to consider? First and the most important of course is cost. Second, is your imagined home will be suited for the land condition? Third, is the material you choose is the best among other choices? The fourth, how will the maintenance be? Is it easy? If all these factors have positive results, your imagined home will come true.

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