45+ Bedroom Decor Ideas Like Urban Outfitters

45+ Bedroom Decor Ideas Like Urban Outfitters – For the young adults, maybe the name of Urban Outfitters sound familiar. Of course, this retail company is one of the trend messengers for outfits, music, even the housewares. If you see its social media, you can every day see the modern bedroom decor ideas. What the young adults love about home today, can be seen from the Urban Outfitters inspirations.

If you are one of the young adults and are seeing for some bedroom inspirations, you can follow several ideas below. And of course, they are inspired by the Urban Outfitters. Okay, when you see the section of UO Home, you can straightly see that they present the earthy feeling inside a home. In any photos of them, you will find the live plants as part of the decoration.

Indeed, the live plants are an important part of the boho bedroom decor. And the Urban Outfitters know that the boho decor is attractive for the young adults. What makes the Urban Outfitters’ boho style catches the young adults’ interest is, the design is easy enough to adapt. Like you know, that the character of the young adults is, loving the freedom and friendliness. And the decor looks shabby but chic. So, the Urban Outfitters’ shabby chic bedroom looks friendly for them.

The effortless decor like floor mirror, flowers on the wall, and anything that placed freely, are some characters of the boho style like Urban Outfitters. To decorate the bedroom like that doesn’t need extra cost. Since the main key is being effortless, to display the pictures you don’t have to arrange it with certain structures or even frames. Just attach them randomly is okay.

The most prominent character of the boho style that Urban Outfitters has is, the room is painted in all white. Even not only the wall that is in white. The bed and other ornaments are commonly in white. So, we can sum that the compositions are about the white, wooden element, and the live plants. The boho style of the Urban Outfitters interestingly suits for the farmhouse bedroom decor or rustic bedroom decor.

The effortless idea of the Urban Outfitters bedroom is so easy to be applied by yourself. For the bed itself, you can use the wood pallets. The boho style like the Urban Outfitters makes you don’t need to arrange everything in order or neatly. Even if you pile the books in a corner, it can be called as a decoration. Besides the wooden pallets for the bed, you can adapt the wooden shelves above the bed.

The boho style of the Urban Outfitters also love the use of the candles and the Tumblr lights. You should remember also that the boho style of the Urban Outfitters prefers the light texture cloth. So, the boho style of the Urban Outfitters is like the earthy concept, although not purely earthy. This style of bedroom is more popular for the girls instead of boys since the decorations are more feminine.

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