45+ Aesthetic Outdoor Paint Colors for House

45+ Aesthetic Outdoor Paint Colors for House – Dressing up the house is not enough for the interior only. We need to concern the exterior also. The look of our home exterior is very important to show the image of our house. No one wants people to think that their houses are dull. Commonly, after passing different seasons for some years, the home exterior gets so ugly. Thus, it is very important to periodically change the home exterior colors.

For the home exterior, let’s start with the front door colors. About the front door colors, you can choose two options. The first option is the similar shade with the wall. And the second one is the contrast color from the wall. So, which one do you choose?

In terms of the front door colors, the contrast one makes your home exterior looks cheerful. It is very common for the vintage concept house that wants to look retro and pop. The contrast door color is related to exterior house paint color combinations. It is because the main combination is held by the wall and door. Yet, the house lining commonly is also presented with the different color from the wall.

To choose the siding colors for houses is not only about a taste. It is also about how the exterior will look like for a long time. Hence, it is very important to consider what color you will choose instead of choosing them impulsively. The best home exterior paint color till now is the one that adopts the nature.

Why adopting nature is very important? Because the home exterior will look in harmony with the environment if you adopt the natural color for the home exterior paint colors. It doesn’t mean that you have to use the green or soil color. But, the principle here is using the earthy colors or not vibrant colors. So, the kind of color like navy blue or light blue are still okay.

The type that is highly popular these days is grey exterior paint colors for the house. Yes, grey is a modern color that can look so adorably vintage in some occasions. The grey paint color is very flexible for any home exterior decoration. From the antique classic to modern, everything looks good with the grey paint color.

Grey is also a flexible color that can be combined with any other color. You can combine it with a vibrant or neutral color. When you combine it with vibrant color, they will look fun and cheerful. when you combine it with more neutral color like navy blue, for example, the look is chic and vintage.

Before we end this post, we recommend you the craftsman style home exterior. Why do we recommend this? It is because this style has an identifiable feature that makes your home exterior looks unique. And of course, it is very popular with the grey exterior paint color. We hope that you can get inspiration from this post. And don’t forget, change your home exterior paint color periodically!

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