44+ Ways of Presenting Summer Color in Your Home Interior

44+ Ways of Presenting Summer Color in Your Home Interior – To bring the summer vibe, you don’t have to wait for summer comes. You can present the summer vibe anytime if you want a cheerful vibe.
But, we know that we want different mood for the different season. And if you tend to change the home nuance according to the season, you can present the summer vibe through removable decor.
The positive thing about the summer theme is, it gives you energy. The bright colors can cheer up your day. So, imagine how good it is to start your activity with a good mood.
Presenting a summer vibe to your home is not hard. In fact, some of us don’t aware that we have some furniture and decors that relate to summer atmosphere.
To show the summer vibe, first, you can give flowery nuance for your home decor. Here you should know that flower pattern is not only for the spring. Summer nuance is also able to be presented by the spring-like ornaments.
Number two, still related to plants, it’s time to add more greeneries in your home. If you want a more artistic way of presenting greeneries, you can choose the climbing plants. You can choose the desert plants to accentuate the summer vibe.
The next, number three, you can hang some animal-nuanced decors. For example, you can hang the animal paintings on the wall. It’s just to address the tropical-jungle nuance.
Fourth, even if you have a simple home interior, you can present the summer vibe without leaving the simplification. We know that most of the minimalist style lovers don’t really into bright colors. So, you can substitute bright colors with wooden color.
Just like we previously said, the summer vibe can be presented with indoor plants. So, in a simple minimalist home like Scandinavian, you can add a more wooden element with indoor plants.
Number five, don’t forget that summer vibe doesn’t befriend with knitted fabric or anything thick. So, you should choose the light textiles for the bed, drapes, and pillowcases. Since the drape looks quite dominating, you should choose the sheer fabrication. Or, you can hang the colorful or patterned bright drapes.
Sixth, maybe not many people know that during summer, people tend to mix colors. So, don’t hesitate to mix some colors even if it is in contrast to each other. Yet, don’t give mixing colors almost in all area. You can give the mixing color as an accent like sofa cushions for example.
The summer vibe relates to sun-color like red, yellow, and orange. You can combine these colors with lighter one like pastels or dusty pink to create a softer yet cheerful look.
Seven, don’t hesitate to mix patterns. You know that bohemian or Moroccan theme loves to mix patterns yet they still look good. The ethnic patterns are also good for a summer vibe.

In short, you can present the summer vibe with natural elements and a cheerful look. It’s different from winter nuance that prefers monochromatic and soft color scheme.

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