44+ These are Kitchen Trends You can Expect for 2019

44+ These are Kitchen Trends You can Expect for 2019 – The kitchen is probably the crucial room in everyone’s home. It feels something’s missing if there’s no kitchen in our home. Because mostly the kitchen is not only a place for cooking. It’s also a central place for family interaction. It’s also a place where we can interact intimately. So, we need the kitchen design that can support our needs.

If you think that your current kitchen cannot reach your expectations anymore, maybe it’s time to remodel it. To start it, you should plan the budget, and of course planning which area should be handled first and etc. You probably already plan the budget, cleaning, and everything. But, still, you need to know what decorations will make your kitchen stunning this year.

First, you have to know the best kitchen island ideas for 2019. You can choose one among some interesting designs. Mostly, the shape of a kitchen island is in rectangular. Yet, if you want a more distinctive design, you have the kidney or circular design. The rectangular shape itself is branched in many styles like a breakfast bar, cooking kitchen island, kitchen island with sink, and many more. Even, these designs can be modified according to the design you like.

The design of the kitchen island also should be in accordance with space. For a small kitchen, a kitchen island is usually joined with the kitchen countertops. The size of the kitchen island can also determine how many stools you can put in front of it. The countertop of a kitchen island sometimes is different from the main kitchen countertop. It is made like that to create more variation and color in a kitchen.

Okay, it is incomplete if we don’t talk about the kitchen cabinets also. Of course, there are so many options of kitchen cabinets from light wood to dark wood kitchen cabinets, brown kitchen cabinet, and many more. Of course, we need to adjust the kitchen cabinet design with the interior itself. However, even if we create something to contrast with the interior, it’s not always wrong.

For example, if you design your kitchen with farmhouse style, you don’t have to follow the wooden countertop, wooden cabinets, and everything in woods. You can make your kitchen cabinets matte with applying the colored coat. Although a uniform color for the whole kitchen is quite popular, the trend this year is different.

You can make a contrast between the cabinets and countertops, cabinets and kitchen island, and many more. The combinations of a pattern of textures also create a dynamic in a kitchen. When you can be more eclectic or creative for the kitchen remodel, it means you follow the 2019’s trend. Because this year, the trends follow the eclectic and extra styling. Before we end this post, we have some tips to make your kitchen more aesthetic. One, use the pendant lights above the kitchen island to make a focal point. Second, provide indoor plants in your kitchen.

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