44+ Pantone’s 2019 Color Forecast for Interior

44+ Pantone’s 2019 Color Forecast for Interior – Every year, there are always trends for anything related to design like fashion, home design, etc. One of the corporations that always releases color trends is Pantone. People that have the business in the field of design and trend tend to follow Pantone’s forecast. Pantone’s color forecast for this year is very attractive. What are they?
Okay, for this year we can assume that the color predictions are feminine. Yet, it doesn’t mean that these colors only address women, no. Absolutely, any color can goes to anyone and anything. And in this year, the color cover is living coral. From the several years behind, the coral colors or sometimes can be known as pastel color, has been popular for women makeup.
And this year, it comes back for the home interior. The living coral has a bright nuance that can bring the cheerfulness to your home interior. Although this color looks so playful and young, it doesn’t mean that you have to decorate your home in that way. The 2019 interior design trends mention that intense wooden decor and the living plants decor will be back.
From these trends itself, we can slightly assume that mid-century modern decor that dense of wooden furniture will be back also. And we can automatically agree that the earthy and simple furniture like that will be so matched with the living coral paint color. However, although the living color is the color cover, there are several colors beside it that also predicted to be trends. Who are they?
According to Pantone’s 2019 prediction for home interior, the 2019 paint color trends might be purple, green grass, cappuccino, orange, and red chili. We can call these colors as the warm palette. However, Pantone did not only release these warm colors only. There is also another color palette that can be categorized as everlasting colors. Who are they?
Pantone mentioned these colors as the white swan, caviar black, camel color tan, burgundy, apricot, grey, and gold. So, if you want to decorate your home, you can choose from some of the colors here. However, if you really want to follow the trends, we recommend the living coral palette. This 2019, the bright and bold color is predicted to be showing off.

So, making this color as the statement for your home is very recommendable. If you want to balance the feminine look from the living coral, you can combine with the simple modern furniture. And for this 2019, we encourage you to have the home interior that looks artistic. And that artistic look can be supported with the living coral home interior.
Although this color looks girly, you can combine it with artistic and eclectic furniture. The composition of these will create an attractive interior. You can also use the living coral wall paint color for your bohemian home interior. So, are you interested to use this for your home update?

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