44+ Living Room Interior Trends in 2019

44+ Living Room Interior Trends in 2019 – What do you want for this 2019? Some of us might answer to remodel the home. Some of us might also answer to build their own home. If one of your goals in this 2019 is related to home decorations, stay with us until the end of this post. You will get some interesting inspirations of 2019 living room decor trends.

The living room is the place where we treat our guests. So, it is important to make a layout that will be comfortable for them. For this year, how if we take a look about the ceiling first? In this year, the false ceiling living room is predicted to be so popular. The false ceiling is quite impactful in creating an accent. The false ceiling can also make a signature to your living room.

The false ceiling that has a unique pattern can make the guest feels wow. If you plan to create a false ceiling for your living room, we recommend the designs that quite details. The false ceiling that has a complicated design will make your living room looks more unique. However, if your living room is designed with modern minimalist decor, we recommend the symmetrical false ceiling or false ceiling that has simple linings.

The most important about the false ceiling is not only about the design shape itself. But, it is very essential to complete them with the lamps. We recommend the lamp placement that can accentuate the volume and dimension of the false ceiling design. So, when you place the lamp for the false ceiling do not be doubt to place extra lamps to strengthen the shape. Not only that, you don’t have to paint the false ceiling with the same colors as the ceiling around it. You can combine two paint colors and materials for a false ceiling.

For this 2019, the living room furniture design that will be popular is quite the same as the previous year. In this year, the wooden furniture will more dominate the trend. The earthy shape furniture will be so popular as well. So, you will find this year is intense with the earthy colored furniture. However, this year can be called as the time when two contrastive ideas come together.

Besides of the earthy furniture that brings the natural feel itself, the art deco also comes back. Not only that, the less is more minimalist furniture still remains while the extra decor is also back. So, if you plan to make out all your creativity this year, you get the right time. In this year, you can put extra on the ceiling, wall paint, and even the furniture.

However, the small space living room still needs control. Although this year being extra is the trend, we need to arrange the small living room wisely. For the small space living room design, you might stick to the mid-century modern furniture or modern minimalist living room. However, being eclectic is also very welcomed. So, are you ready to welcome the trend of this year?

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