44+ Ideas Cool Dark Grey Color for House Exterior

44+ Ideas Cool Dark Grey Color for House Exterior – We all know that every color has a different impression. If you want to make your house looks cool and a bit masculine, you need to stay with us until the end of this post. Because in this post, we will share a very cool exterior pain color which is dark grey. Don’t imagine a witch house like in the movies. The dark grey that we recommend here is very fashionable. And of course, close with nature.
Since the dark grey and black is quite close, when you apply this color to your home, it will look like you adopt the black house exterior. It’s okay, don’t worry. Both of them are so cool for the home exterior. For you who love the masculine look for the house, these two are very perfect options. Yet, like the title above, we will only talk about the grey house exterior.
It is very popular on the internet about the simple life trend. The simple life trend lovers tend to use the grey paint color for their home interior or exterior. The dark grey siding makes the home looks so trendy while being earthy. The dark grey paint color is very nice if it is applied for the wooden home, whether it is a city home, village home, or coastal home.
Many people love the dark grey paint color because it is also easy to be featured with other colors. These days, the dark grey home exterior is very popular to be matched with the vibrant door paint. People love to us the vibrant yellow or vibrant red for their home exterior. Of course, they look cute and artistic. The additional ornament like round flower bucket commonly decorates this kind of concept.
Another popular concept is grey house exterior with shutters. The shutters are very common for the antique or old houses. It is commonly found in the farmhouse or any other type of rural house. This feature is like a symbol of the old design of windows. The most commonly found is a grey house with black shutters.
The combination of the grey exterior with the black shutter is very safe or neutral. Therefore, this kind of concept today is used for the modern home in cities. To stun out the shape of the house, the grey house with the black shutter is not left alone. The lining of the house is usually painted in white. Of course, it is very beneficial to show the frame of the house or the design of the house.

The grey paint color for the exterior is very flexible for any home material besides the woods. People who combine the concrete or wood with stone or brick love to use this color because it looks matte with different material. Dark grey is a cool color that is able to be featured in any home design or with any material type. For this new year, it’s good to make this color as your choice of a home makeover.

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