44+ Here’s to Make a Perfectly Imperfect Bedroom

44+ Here’s to Make a Perfectly Imperfect Bedroom – Not everyone loves the sleek and grand decoration. Some of us love to show as it is. To be natural yet chic. If you categorize yourself as this type, we can guess that you love creative things.
Like the title above, here we will share some ideas about creating a perfect imperfect bedroom.
If you need the bedroom to remodel without spending a gigantic budget, the imperfect chic bedroom is a perfect idea. Through some imperfect decorations, we can show a fabulous and beautiful bedroom.
A shabby chic decor is very compatible for any age. For the youths or young adults, this decor may look representative for them.
Okay, so, can we start now?
In creating a perfect imperfect bedroom, you won’t need a big budget. You can repurpose some antique or vintage pieces. If your grandmas or aunts or anyone have furniture pieces that old and unused, you shall beg to have them.
You can repurpose a vintage chair as a table beside your bed. You can place a table lamp on it. Or, you can use an old bench as the place for holding your books.
Second, don’t put any doubt on a flowery bed sheet. You can combine it with plain wrinkled textiles. Something that looks a bit messy and natural like this wrinkled sheet is amazing.
Third, in this shabby chic bed, you don’t have to make everything in the same tone. For example, you can mix the patterns for the pillows. You can also employ different textures of them.
Fourth, you can leave the furniture unpolished to create a natural decor. So, if you get some cute antique stuff from a thrift shop or antique store, you don’t need to polish them. Just check if there is anything to be fixed. But, don’t make them look like a new. Just leave them shabby.
Fifth, don’t put much effort. It’s okay if your bedroom looks a bit minimalist. We can make it like a Scandinavian bedroom anyway. So, please be effortless in creating a perfect imperfect bedroom.
Sixth, don’t neat everything. If you want a natural chic bedroom, you don’t have to place everything with the same level. You can just pile your book in an artistic way. We don’t encourage you to clutter here. What we mean is, don’t make everything looks so neat and sleek. You have to place some things in an abstract.
You don’t have to employ similar pots or store all the books on the shelves. Some messy stuff will create an artistic shabby view.
Then, you can go with the minimal window treatment. You shall go with plain textile or sheer textile for your windows. Or just like the bed above, you shall invest in wrinkled textile.

We can sum up that in decorating a bedroom with a perfectly imperfect look is quite effortless. It’s like doing no make up-make up on your face. We need to appear natural and effortless yet still chic.

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