44+ Decorating Trends for 2019

44+ Decorating Trends for 2019 – Trends don’t only evolve for fashion. Something that relates to human interest always evolves. Just like the home decor. That’s why today we are interested to present some inspirations about the decorating trends for 2019. For this New Year, if you are interested to remodel your house, you have to stay with us until the end of this post.
The first trend you can add to your home is the reading nook. If you have many book collections and love to spend your spare time reading, this idea will make you wow. If there is extra space in your house, you can create a mini library corner. You just need shelves in the corner and add a seating there. The best place for reading nook is the one near the window. So, you can feel the warmth of the sunlight while reading your favorite book.
One of the home decor trends that quite similar to the previous year is the plant decoration. This year, the live plant should not only provided in one or two. Yet, this year, a bulk of the live plants is fancier. This trend is just like the bohemian style that applies many greeneries. In fact, the live plant gives a big impact on the appearance of the room. More than that, seeing the greeneries in your home will lower your stress.
In 2019 people, seem to need the furniture that high functioned and compact. If you have extra time and want to save budget, you can create a DIY home decor. The furniture that multifunction will be the favorite. It is especially so suitable for those who live alone or live in small apartments.
For the home decor inspirations, the trend seems not really far from 2018. The earthy home will still place its throne on the trends. The wooden element specifically, will still be an idol of the interior. If we should predict more specifically from the use of many greeneries and the earthy home concept, the relation with nature will be the people’s way out from the stressful modern life.
In this year, the ethnic pattern will be the trend also. Not only that, but the eclectic decoration will also be the representation of the trend. The composition of eclectic decor, the ethnic pattern and fabric, and live plants, seems will make the bohemian style goes well in a year forward.

In terms of interior decorating tips, there are two extreme points. The maximum and the minimum decor. Besides being maximal in decorations and the live plants, people will still stick with the less is more concept. Like we previously said, the compact and high functioned furniture will be on trend. And seems this relates to the concept of less is more. Looking at these trends, this year will be full of creativity. People will not only follow the advice from the experts, but it seems people will be more creative decorating in this year.

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