44+ A Modern Spanish Home Style by the Sea

44+ A Modern Spanish Home Style by the Sea – For some of us who live in the coastal area, the home architecture inspiration is not an only beach house. The Spanish house is also an attractive home decor in the coastal area. From two decades ago, the Spanish home sometimes appears on Southern American TV dramas. There we know that Spanish home feels ethnic and rural, yet aesthetic at the same time.
The Spanish home is not only reached of details for the interior. Even for its Spanish style exterior, it is wealthy of ornaments and details. From the exterior and interior of a Spanish house, we can absorb the warmer nuance compared to the European house. If you are curious about Spanish architecture, let’s see what we can do about it.
Let’s start from the exterior first. For the façade of your home, you can make interesting features of tropical feeling. For the front yard, the palm trees are so recommended to grow. And you can decorate your front yard landscape with the patio. We recommend the stone or terracotta flooring for the patio or walkways. You can build a water fountain as a refreshing feature. One or two wooden benches might complete the aesthetic of your front landscape also.
What you need to remember about decorating with Spanish style is, the house is filled with earthy tones. The color of the ground, brick, and woods are the main actors in a Spanish home. To accentuate the natural styling, the existence of live plants should not be forgotten. For the flooring, instead of casual floor tiles like modern homes, it is better to use the stone style tiles, hardwood, or terracotta.
Not only that, but the Spanish house is also popular for its use of a stucco wall. The textured wall like this creates an organic vibe for the interior or exterior. And you can see that a Spanish house is close with exposed beams on the ceiling. If you want to decorate your home with Spanish vibe, you can hunt for the woods that look quite old. The scratches will even beautify your home interior.
If up to this point you feel that these all look too traditional, you shouldn’t be a worry. You can create a modern Spanish decor through furniture style. Employing modern furniture will be so much enough for presenting the modern vibe inside your Spanish house. In the living room, for example, you can place two different fabrics on the sofa.

You don’t have to employ a single theme of furniture. You can mix two furniture styles. Don’t be afraid to utilize the eclectic decoration. As long as you can present a harmonious color scheme, you should not be afraid of presenting eclectic furniture. This eclectic look is not only applicable to the living room, but you can also apply it to the kitchen, bathroom, and all. One more tip to create a strong ambiance. You can place a vintage chandelier and other lighting types that will accentuate a Spanish look.

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