43+ How to Refresh Your Bathroom with Woods

43+ How to Refresh Your Bathroom with Woods – There are many ways of upgrading our house. It should not be expensive. With some creative ideas, you can upgrade your home interior inexpensively. An inexpensive material for upgrading the interior is wood. Wood is not only inexpensive, yet it is also very flexible for any room design.
In 2019, the earthy tame is able to make a spot in the trend forecast. Thus, we invite you to make this trend exists in your home. We are sure that there are so many inspirations of serving woods in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Yet, we will not talk about those rooms here. Now, let’s talk about how to serve the wooden element inside your bathroom.
You need to remember that we won’t try to make you change the bathroom design into a rustic one. However, you can add some wood elements in your current bathroom design. So, which spots we can place woods there?
One, you can place wooden element as the flooring. If you think this idea sounds hard to manifest, don’t worry, we don’t recommend you to remove the current tiles. But, have you think about the elevated flooring or elevated steps in the shower? Yes, the tiles are mostly slippery and remove it with a new one will cost quite expensive. But, you have an easier alternative for it.
You can manage some wood as an elevated stepping in the shower, just in the shower area. So, the water will flow under the woods and it won’t be slippery for you. Another idea is, making the bathtub table from the pallet. If you never have any idea for utilizing your unused pallet, it’s time to use them. You can make it as the complement of your bathtub for placing book, cellphone, scented candle, or anything that accompany your bathing.
Then, we are sure enough that mostly you never imagine a shower bench. Yes, shower bench. A bench for sitting while you showering. This idea is a very unique one of course. If you have a kid, this bench will make you easier to get them taking a bath.
If the wooden shelf is too common for you, maybe you can try the wooden towel holder. The wooden towel holder can also be made from the wooden pallet. Another storage type from the wood is toiletries container. If your toiletries, skin care, or soaps are often spread messily, you can make the container from this. Of course, you have to adjust its size with the vanity size.

The last idea, maybe it sounds amazing, yet also requiring efforts, you can make a wooden bathtub. Yes, the wooden bathtub like the old Japanese people or our ancestors in the past. By making this, you can claim that your bathroom is so earthy. So, according to these ideas, which one makes you interested? To accompany this wooden element, you should place some indoor plants in your bathroom. Or, you can place some water plants. Then, your refreshing bathroom is ready to use.

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