43+ Contemporary and Healthy Home Decoration Ideas

43+ Contemporary and Healthy Home Decoration Ideas – Some of us often misinterpret the definition of contemporary decor. Actually, we cannot simply define contemporary design different from modern design. In many cases, actually, they share similar features. So, we can call them the same in many cases. Okay, let’s talk about their definitions first.

The contemporary home design addresses on any design that is popular at the moment. Hence, it is not necessarily to be the modern minimalist. The modern design also addresses the right now popular design. According to these definitions, they are the same, aren’t they?

Meanwhile, when people talk about modern design, it often relates to modern minimalist. That actually it is also part of the modern or contemporary design. Up to this, have you understood what these designs mean? Then, let’s move to the main topic as the title says. The contemporary and healthy? What does it mean? A home that is healthy, how come?

Okay, you might frown your eyebrows when reading this title. But, we seriously want to lead you to one of the 2019’s trends. What is that trend? That specific trend is dense live plants. So, that’s the main idea of creating a healthy house as we recommend from the title.

Presenting live plants in all your home areas is very possible. Even the wet area like a bathroom is also suitable for live plants. And even the cooking place or kitchen interior will look better with the live plants. Thus, what are actually the benefits of live plants? Providing live plants in your home is especially beneficial for your health.

First, the live plants can absorb mild dust in your home. Not only the mild dust, but it also absorbs the air pollutes in your home. That’s why giving many live plants can bring you so many health benefits especially for the respiratory system. Interestingly, the live plants are suited for ant home decor, even for the contemporary one. The natural green look suits for any interior color.

If you have kids in your home, the existence of live plants even helps you to provide a healthy environment for them. So, your home will less allergen and your kids will be healthier. The live plant is a very affordable decor and easy to treat. There are several tips for making live plants more aesthetic for your home.

You can employ a wide variety of live plants. So, instead of placing the same plants, try to combine different plants with different size and height. You can place from the cactus type until water plants that will make your home fresher. For several corners like windows or bathroom, you can use the vine plants there. You can even create a mini garden inside your home.

You can place your mini garden in the balcony or even near the window. There are so many interesting places besides the shelves, like wooden stairs, hanging shelves, and many more. Make the live plant places as interesting as it can, so as a whole, they will look aesthetic.

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