43+ Beautiful Vintage Interior Inspirations

43+ Beautiful Vintage Interior Inspirations – How we choose an interior design is also influenced by what the definition of a cozy home interior is. Since there are many options for interior design styles, the answer for each person will be different from one another. Some of us might think that a minimalist interior is the best because they love the efficiency of being minimalist.

Some of us might think that a rustic design brings a friendly atmosphere. Some of us might also think that the vintage interior makes them pleased for its artistic decor. If you categorize yourself as the last, you come to the right place. Today, we try to peel off the attractive vintage interior design for your home. We hope this will give you some inspirations.

There are some principles to fulfill if you are interested to create a vintage interior home. One, you need to look back the trends from several decades ago. If it is possible, you can look from the 40s or before, until 70s. Every decade has its own distinctive feature. You don’t have to strictly apply the concept of a certain decade. You can combine several trends in different decades.

You are also allowed to create a composition in which there is not only vintage decor, but you can combine or mix with some modern stuff. What’s the most important in decorating with vintage style? The most important is, the decoration that has something to tell. So, don’t miss the old or antique decorations like sepia photographs, black and white posters, or old paintings.

The vintage decoration addresses nostalgia. The nostalgia and the romantic feeling can come together, so the furniture that is quite rare today can be a signature for your home. Do not doubt to hunt some furniture and decoration from the antique or thrift shops. The flaws or cracks remain on the furniture will create an authentic look.

When you finish with the furniture, you have to start thinking about the wall decoration. To create a vintage look, you need to be more romantic. The floral pattern will be the best choice. It’s up to you to have the floral pattern with vibrant or soft color. Both of them will make a vintage decoration more romantic. Remember, previously we said that vintage decor deals with a romantic atmosphere.

In every room, you need to apply the distinctive features. For example for the bedroom interior, you apply the sheer curtain above the bed. And for the living room, you can place a gramophone or vinyl as the decoration. To create a vintage decor it means you have to deal with the natural materials also like wood.

The texture or design of the cloth is also important. Instead of the ordinary curtain, you should consider the lace textile or something that looks feminine. Decorating a house with the vintage nuance means representing the romantic side. The vintage decor also deals with the curved details and never gets far from the flowery patterns.

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