43+ Awesome Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Ranch House

43+ Awesome Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Ranch House – We know that natural elements like wood, brick, the stone will make our house gets more beautiful. These elements are very nice for the home exterior. There are several reasons why these elements look good for the home exterior. The first of course their durability. The second one, they look so natural.
These elements are very nice whether it is for the rural house or downtown house. But, in this post, we don’t talk about all of them. We just will talk about one of these elements which are the brick, especially the brick house exterior. You know that the brick exterior has been known for a long century ago.
This brick ranch exterior can be looked like a century heritage that is still relatable for the modern days, even for the future. The brick exterior will never get old even for a decade forward. And now, we will specify more this topic. The ordinary brick house exterior is too common. So, the interesting focus we bring now is exterior paint colors for the brick house.
When you see the painted brick house exterior, the most common colors you can find are red brick, brown, or white. These colors are so common whether they are for the interior or exterior. Of course, people have the reason for this. These colors are the most neutral for the brick ranch house theme. But, it should not defend your creativity to explore other colors as well.
You can make the painted brick exterior in sage green, or light grey for example, or even blue just like the houses in Oia, Greece. It’s up to you how you gonna present your house. It is interesting to play with colors for the brick ranch house exterior. You can play many interesting colors with this.
If you gonna make your brick ranch house exterior in dark grey, it looks will be modern vintage. What is modern vintage? It means that your home basically has vintage exterior shape, yet the color is modern. This kind of style is popular these days. Or, if your home exterior has shutters, you can explore more colors. For example, paint the brick exterior in brown or red brick, and paint the shutters in navy blue.
Even, nowadays people are so creative and brave in painting their home exterior. You may surprise how good it is the light blue brick ranch house. Besides the painted exterior, a good match for it is the colored front door. The accent door today is very popular. It makes the home exterior doesn’t look boring. People love contrast theme for front door colors of a tan house.

The contrast theme means the doors and the exterior come from different color palettes. Of course, they look cute and artistic. So, in short, you don’t have to worry about using an unusual color for your brick ranch home. Try something new to make your house looks distinctive. Just like front door color that is a contrast from the exterior color.

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