42+ Modern Bathroom Design Trends for Your Dream House

42+ Modern Bathroom Design Trends for Your Dream House – Do you love to spend hours in the bathroom? If yes, what activities you usually do there? For some of us, a bathroom is a pleasing place for me-time. We can enjoy the book there. We can enjoy the aromatic candle there, and many more. That’s why the design of our bathroom also determines how enjoyable our bathroom is.

In this post, we will talk about the design of a modern bathroom that will be cozy for you. First, let’s talk about the solution of a small bathroom. There are small bathroom ideas that you can implement to your bathroom.  One, employ the minimalist bathroom. Why should be minimalist? Actually, it is not must. But, the most ideal design is the minimalist one.

What you can employ for making an attractive minimalist bathroom are, walk-in shower. Then, you need to decorate the interior with neutral bright color. We recommend white. For the furniture, of course, we more encourage the shower type. But, you can utilize bathtub also if you want. For the bathroom vanity, it is better if you use the floating vanity.

Okay, let’s move from the small bathroom. Let’s talk about the modern bathroom in general. Usually, the most outstanding bathroom decor addresses the master bathroom. But, it is a lot better if you make other bathrooms also special. There are several aesthetic features that you can implement for your bathroom.

You can create an accent wall inside your bathroom. For this one, the recommended areas are a side of the shower and in the vanity area. You can make an accent wall with stones and marble tiles. If you want to create a dimension on the wall, you can employ the tiles that have a certain texture, for example, the texture of crumpled paper. Or, you can decorate the whole bathroom wall with half wall paint and half tiles.

After the wall decor, you need to choose the modern vanity with a unique design. It is not necessarily to choose the design with the modern shape. You can choose the vanity with the organic looks and natural scratches. But, you have to combine it with the modern looks of the mirror. When you look a modern vanity, it can be translated into many designs actually.

So, you are not necessarily to limit your choice only among the modern minimalist choices. As long as it looks quite up to date and doesn’t look too rustic, you can use it. Not only the vanity that is important. The design of the bathtub is also essential. We can notice the difference between the ancient and the modern bathtub through the feet. The modern bathtub tends to be simpler without feet.

Then, about the bathroom storage ideas, you can choose the organization with a simple lining. Or, you can adjust the storage design like the vanity. From these ideas, we hope you get some images of the modern bathroom. Don’t forget to browse the material quality also.

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