42+ Intelligent Design of Cantilevered Houses

42+ Intelligent Design of Cantilevered Houses – There are so many unique buildings with an unusual shape. Some of those are designed with the cantilever. The cantilever is a structure that holds the construction above it. It can be found in many constructions, including houses. Maybe you ever found a house with the cantilever and a protrude construction above it. The unique houses or buildings with cantilever usually found in minimalist architecture.
Cantilever houses are often found in the mountainous area or coastal area. Cantilever house in these areas is commonly utilized as a villa. But, people who live in a mountainous place are also familiar with cantilever house, especially if the location needs supportive construction. From the exterior, we really know that it has an extreme difference with the ordinary house. Yet, what about interior architecture? Is there any difference?
Actually, there is no difference in terms of interior. A cantilever house has a really similar look as the modern mountainous house. Just like the modern mountainous house, cantilever house is also really familiar with the glass wall. Since their locations are in nature in common, both of them love to present the nature view for the inside of the house.
So, how to create an attractive interior for such houses? The first tips are to relate your house with nature. You can do it by employing natural elements like woods, stones, and other things that make you feel close to nature. So, although such home looks so industrial from the outside, you can present the nature element inside. For the ceiling, you can give the accents of exposed beams. For the flooring, you can use the hardwood floor.
For the furniture, keeping the things minimalist is a good idea, considering that many cantilever house is presented with minimalist design. But, you have the choice of keeping everything minimalist for the inside or not. If you want to create a modern look while not being rigid, you can go with a contemporary design.
About the materials of the furniture, of course, you need to prepare the one that is quite flexible for any weather. Don’t ever think that a mountainous house has no summer. The sofa with leather material and fur carpet can be the best couple for your mountainous house. Don’t forget to occupy your house with a fireplace. The fireplace with chimney can make a modern cantilever house looks more unique.

And about the furniture and room layout, we recommend the placement near the window. For certain rooms like the bedroom, living room, and bathroom, it is best to place them near the window. Especially for the bedroom and living room. It will be so nice to enjoy the sunrise when you wake up. Moreover, it will be so nice to enjoy the scenery while inviting your guests. Don’t forget to create a relaxing place in the outside. For example, you can build a balcony and complete them with some chairs. A cantilever house is a nice idea for those who love the anti-mainstream house design.

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