42+ Innovative Loft Apartment Decoration with Open Concept

42+ Innovative Loft Apartment Decoration with Open Concept – Living in a small space today is very common. Getting a big living place in downtown is a bit hard. Besides the price that is high, the strategic apartment location is also hard to get. But, don’t worry if you have to live in a small living space. The modern apartment decor nowadays is designed smartly so people can still get all they need.

So, today we will learn together what we need for small apartment decorating on a budget. But, before we talk about the decoration or ornament in specifics, let’s share some ideas about the open floor plan decorating ideas.

For the small apartment, you should consider the loft apartment decoration. You will get amazed by the idea of the loft apartment because it is just unusual. What makes them has an unusual rental apartment decorating is the up ground room in a single space. The most common loft apartment decoration that is very popular is the up ground bedroom.

Why bedroom? It is because everyone needs privation, so the bedroom should have privilege among other rooms. Interestingly, the loft apartment designs are very unique and attractive. What makes them attractive is the fencing and stairs. There are also some cases in which the bed is floating. This one is more unique. The pros are, if you arrange the apartment with loft decoration like this, the area under the loft can be used as the place for another room or space like work room, kitchen, etc.

Some people use the loft area not only for the bedroom but also for the work desk or wardrobe. The loft apartment is also very suitable for the college apartment decorating idea. The one and the only reason being that the college apartment is commonly small enough. Meanwhile, you need space for studying, cooking, etc. So, the loft apartment that utilizes the vertical space will be very advantageous.

Ok, let’s move to the next area, kitchen. Unlike the household, you only need small space for cooking. You will only think about simple cooking. So, you only need basic equipment for this. Maybe you just need a stove, a sink, and a microwave. But, instead of equipment, you need more for storage. You have to keep packaged foodstuff so you can cook anytime. Hence, you need a kitchen with an adequate organization. You will need some space in the cabinet for keeping cleaning tools, also.

For the small apartment, the best space arrangement is open concept kitchen-living room. Why open concept? First, it makes your apartment bigger, second, you will get easier access from a room to each other. The open concept kitchen-living room also lessens the motivation of cluttering unimportant things. If the dining table might make you hard to move, we recommend the mini bar style in the extended kitchen counterpart.

We hope that these inspirations can figure out your small apartment decorating problem. You can manage your apartment based on these basics. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s move and do the work.

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