42+ Floor Lamp Types According to Your Bedroom Decor

42+ Floor Lamp Types According to Your Bedroom Decor – Lighting is not only a staple for your home interior. It is also an ornament for your house. Therefore there is a multilayer way of applying the lighting in a room.

Besides the ceiling light, you can put a floor lamp or table lamp in a single space. Applying a different kind of lightings is also a good way of creating dynamics.

That’s why in this post, we recommend some floor lamp ideas for different bedroom designs.

Maybe out there you can find more designs than we recommend below. But, we hope that you can find some inspirations here.

Don’t forget that you cannot simply place a standing lamp for any room. Some room is just not good with standing lamp. For examples are the bathroom and kitchen.

Okay, first, there is a mid-century modern floor lamp. If you tend to make your bedroom looks cheerful, this one might go with you.

There is a mid-century modern floor lamp with a colorful head. This kind of design is very nice because it looks like a retro nuance at the same time. So, you can place the colored head floor lamp for your kid’s bedroom, colorful bedroom, mid-century modern bedroom, retro bedroom, and even contemporary bedroom.

Second, if you are so in love with simplicity, you need to go for a Scandinavian floor lamp. Although from the name it is addressed for the Nordic interior, actually there are so many designs that fit. For examples, the modern minimalist, all-white, and monochromatic interior.

Third, the country style floor lamp. As it called, the country designed floor lamp does look vintage. But you are not necessarily to match it with the vintage interior. The rustic home or farmhouse also looks good with it.

Fourth, the Tiffany floor lamp. This one also has vintage nuance a bit. Yet, this floor lamp style will go very well if you place it in the artistic interior. If you love the Victorian interior, this floor lamp will be perfect support. The pictured glass is the one that makes this floor lamp looks artistic.

Next, number five, there is an industrial style of a floor lamp. You can guess that it is made from the iron or other metallic materials. What makes this type of floor lamp attracting is, it can fit with many interior designs. You can place the industrial floor lamp for the mid-century modern bedroom, or vintage bedroom, or even the modern contemporary interior.

The number six, you should invest on the contemporary floor lamp if you are so urban. You should place this for your urban apartment, or if you have a modern minimalist bedroom. However, some designs are so good for the industrial interior also.

The last is a bohemian floor lamp. Just like you can guess, this type is so exclusive. Not many bedroom or interior design can go with it. You can invest for bohemian floor lamp only if your interior is designed with bohemian or Moroccan or Indian or any Arabian style. But, you will never unsatisfied with its design.

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