42+ Dark Shade Inspirations for the Bedroom

42+ Dark Shade Inspirations for the Bedroom – Everyone will choose the color that seems comfortable for them. Some of us love bright colors. Some of us love the darker one. Which group are you? There is no color that ugly. Every color has its own uniqueness and something to express.

If you categorize yourself as a fan of the darker color, you come in the right time. Today, we will talk about some dark color inspirations for your bedroom. If you idolize the dark tone, stay with us until the end of this post. Okay, let’s start with the dark teal bedroom.

Teal is the mixed color of blue and green. The dark teal bedroom generates a classy look. This color is so attractive because it is quite flexible for many decoration themes. We sure you will be interested in this color. People commonly balance its dark tone with a softer color like white. The blocking painting is not really common. People tend to use dark teal as the accent wall.

Not only as the accent wall, the dark teal paint color generally is combined with another softer tone. What makes this paint color looks so aesthetic is, it has the expensive look. The dark teal paint color with the mid-century modern furniture really suits each other. Then, let’s move to the dark grey bedroom.

The dark grey bedroom is a choice for young adults today. The basic shade like grey is popular for its moody vibe. The theme of moodiness has been gaining popularity since the year before. The dark grey bedroom looks really luxury for the classic room theme. The dark grey bedroom will make a nice combination with the Scandinavian furniture. The dark grey usually is used not only for the wall painting itself. People usually also apply graduation for the bed.

The next is a dark purple bedroom. Just like the dark teal, the dark purple also looks so expensive. If you are interested in this color for your bedroom, we recommend this for the girl’s bedroom. It will be so outstanding if you combine it with the vintage bed. And since the art decor is back in this 2019, we encourage you to place an art decor on the dark purple wall.

You can create a more artsy bedroom is you combine the dark purple with the floral wallpaper. So, imagine the dark purple wall paint, vintage bed in gold, and floral wallpaper. They will create an artistic luxurious bedroom. From these some examples of the dark tones, we can sum up that dark master bedroom is really good.

If you think that the dark wall paint is too heavy, there is another alternative of dark furniture for the master bedroom. Whatever you choose, whether the dark wall paint or dark furniture, there should be a balancer in your bedroom. Don’t make too many color blocks inside a room. Too many blocks will make your bedroom looks too heavy.  

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